Hyun Ji and Bong Pal move forward in their unlikely relationship and we discover just more about why Bong Pal can do what he does. Plus, Kate, Amy and Taleena tackle Chun Sang’s advice on women in Episodes 9 and 10 of Let’s Fight Ghost!

Taleena: Okay Kate I am going to echo you here: What about Hyun Ji’s story! I am glad, don’t get me wrong that we found out what the deal is with Bong Pal and his dreamy, ghost-seeing eyes. I am. I really like finding out why the monk blamed himself for it, but come on! Throw us a bone here with Hyun Ji. Ghost Vet has her book - out and caressing it apparently - and she almost disappears and we get nothing more? Sigh.

Kate: We did get a brief flash of hospital machines beeping, but other than that, you’re right, no more backstory for our heroine. I think, as we talked about last week, they’re going to wake her up from a coma. If they do that, they can’t reveal it too soon. So now, I’m thinking the longer they keep Hyun Ji’s past under wraps, the more likely it is that she is in that coma. I was interested in Ghost Vet’s additional back story, though. His mom was not excited to see him. It looks like he has been possessed for a long time. I wonder if she is frightened of him, resents him taking over her son, or if he has also done something else to her. Wouldn’t it be trippy if Hyun Ji was his younger sister? Do we know her family name?

Taleena: She said it in the first episode. It was on her school uniform, but I can’t be bothered to look that up. <grin> Also, I don’t think the moms, if that is Hyun Ji’s mom with the red highlights in her memories, are the same. One is a lot more youthful looking. I thought the mother *was* frightened of him. She seemed very fragile and like she wanted to talk but didn’t dare. I think the cop thought so to. It is interesting that this ghost then is the same one which possessed Bong Pal. It immediately lept into another boy, albeit one a little older. Even though we can’t have a reveal about Hyun Ji being alive or not, I’d love to see the connection between Hyun Ji and Ghost Vet. I am not convinced her ‘death’ is an accident. He stalks whomever catches his eye.

Amy: I wonder if the man who fell was actually Ghost Vet’s father. Maybe the mom is frightened because she thinks he might kill her if she does anything to upset him. She covered for him when the police was asking questions; I’m not sure if that was because she was fearful of him or still cared about him just enough to protect him. I am starting to hope the Vet isn’t punished afterwards once the evil spirit leaves his body, assuming the man is actually innocent.

Kate: The spirit hasn’t given up on Bong Pal, either. It seems he’s been stalking him for a while, if he went to his eighth grade graduation. Does he want to kill Bong Pal or possess him more permanently?

Taleena: Plus, let me just jump in for a moment, he moved clinics to Bong Pal’s neighborhood when he began attending the university and moved into the apartments there. It wasn’t because of Hyun Ji’s accident but Bong Pal’s new life direction.

Amy: I also wonder if the Ghost Vet is trying to kill Bong Pal or possess him again. I don’t understand why the evil spirit is so heavily committed to getting revenge on Bong Pal and his family. He ended up possessing another person; what was so special about Bong Pal?

Kate: Ghost Vet has some sort of master plan, that’s for sure. Other than not getting found out, I’m not sure how far it goes. Still, it looks like the police are starting to figure him out. Slowly, a case is building against him. I’m not sure how he’s going to be able to get out of the murder charge in the long term. I don’t think his mother’s testimony will cover him well enough to escape charges before the end of the series unless something else also happens.

Taleena: Well that is why he set up that poor schlub to take the fall and ‘commit suicide’. Even though that one cop knows he is guilty it is a good enough patch for now. I think he is planning to kill that cop as soon as it is feasible. Let’s switch gears for a minute, because as wonderful as all of the back story and shenanigans were, these episodes really centered on the romance between Hyun Ji and Bong Pal. I was QUITE happy they addressed the insanity of there being a relationship of any lasting measure between a human and a ghost. We know that this is merely an obstacle in the course of True Love, but I am glad they explored it.

Amy: I similarly enjoyed how they highlighted the impossibility of being with a ghost through the different jobs they took on. It has been a bit awkward for me to imagine what the scene would really look like if Hyun Ji wasn’t visible. I still do hope that they somehow end up together since the two obviously make each other happy.

Kate: And they explored it from so many angles, too. First, there was the haunted man who wanted to be with his fiancee who had died. I liked the twist in that one; the ghost wasn’t trying to hurt him, she was trying to help him live without her. I loved their romance, too, and found myself wishing we’d gotten more of it. But once she saved his life, she had to move on and he would have to re-commit to the land of the living. Then In Rang’s little crush on Hyun Ji prompted Chun Sang to repeatedly explain to In Rang why a ghost-human romance was ill-fated, which, though it was aimed at In Rang, also reminded our couple that their romance had some very basic problems. This helped it make a lot more sense that Hyun Ji would be ready to leave Bong Pal after Myung Chul pleaded with Hyun Ji to let Bong Pal go. Now, I probably would have encouraged her to wait until the day AFTER his birthday, but I guess this was more dramatic.

Taleena: Kdramas gotta kdrama Kate. I have to say, I was very invested in our ghost of the week story. I was more invested in THAT romance than our leads’ romance, sad to say. It was the perfect little encapsulated melodrama we’ve seen writ large over 25 episodes before. When they showed Hyun Ji remembering all the weird looks Bong Pal got on their date, I thought the story writers redeemed the bulk of the ninth episode. I could not, all while it was going on, get out of my head how crazy he would look to everyone who could not see her. That she noticed and had purposefully closed her eyes to it until brought short by Myung Chul and Da Boyz was very well portrayed.

Kate: I was obsessed by wondering how her eating and drinking would appear to others. Does her drink just float and slowly get drained? Do people see chewed up popcorn going down her throat without seeing the ghost there who was eating it? I know she’s been eating a lot throughout the series, but she ate no much in public I couldn’t stop thinking about that on their date. Silly, I know.

Taleena: That is hilarious because I thought, “Can people see silverware flying around on its own? We know people can see the effects of her writing, and can see her manipulate things. As for the food, my inner miser was screaming, SCREAMING, because we know from earlier episodes the food does not actually get eaten. When Bong Pal made a huge feast in his apartment for her, she goes to bed, the camera pulls back and her half of the meal is there untouched. Maybe it is super American of me, but I can’t help but wonder, what is the etiquette with that? Somewhere in the back of my brain I seem to recall that monks eat the altar offerings at Buddhist temples right? Where is all that food going? Google says food offerings are left to birds and animals. Sorry for the ignorance Buddhists!

Kate: Funeral practices, and wedding practices too, can be wasteful if you look at them in a particular way. I’m sure not every wedding party eats all the wedding cake, and throwing rice at a couple has symbolism, but is wasteful. Sacrifice I think, shows a seriousness or commitment in the people willing to make it. Wow, we’re getting deep here. Overall, though, Bong Pal shows his feelings for Hyun Ji by cooking for her and buying her clothes (and burning them) and taking her out to eat. He’s been such a miser so he can save for his eye surgery, and that has really changed. All of that spending for their big date really shows how strongly he feels about her.

Amy: I think it’s sweet how Bong Pal is now willing to spend his well-earned money on Hyun Ji. He is finally starting to enjoy his life, so it was really sad for me to see Hyun Ji leave him, even though I know she wanted better for him. I also wonder what everyone else is seeing when Hyun Ji eats, or when she was trying on clothes. I’m just going to guess that only Bong Pal could see it, or else everyone else would freak.

Taleena: We had no leftover food at my wedding. Ha ha. Google also says: The altar food may be distributed to neighbors and friends in a Buddhist rite called shishik. OK. I have the facts now I and I can leave it alone. Now I am going to take a moment as send a plea out to the universe at large: please, please some day I need to know steps 4-11 of Chun Sang’s advice on charming a woman. It wasn’t half bad advice, but those three chuckleheads are not exactly Mr. Smooths.

Kate: Chun Sang’s delivery was sillier than the rules. Those neck cracks he did with the start of each one looked painful. The rules were, I agree with you Taleena, not half bad. A sense of humor is attractive, though puns about apples aren’t exactly at the top of my list. Bong Pal rejected those rules to Chun Sang’s face, but he was nervous enough to use them-oh, so badly-when he saw Hyun Ji. It took him a little while to relax. She’s already into him, he didn’t need to work at it. But it was funny despite it all.

Taleena: It was all hilariously awkward from Chun Sang’s dramatics, In Rang pulling out his notebook and taking notes, to Bong Pal being self aware of his own weirdness enough to take Chun Sang’s advice. It was a bit of levity that was desperately needed. I am going to guess that “charm school” would have involved some over-the-top chivalric gesture that upon execution would be totally incomprehensible to any female it was performed for.

What do you think drama fans: What are Chun Sang’s rules 4-11? Will we see the surprise return of geranium products as a ghost deterrent? Can anyone enlighten us on exactly what the etiquette with ghost and ancestor offerings is? Will Ghost Vet be redeemed the way Amy thinks? Let us know in the comments!

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