In our last week of Let's Fight Ghost episode 15 came as intense as it can be. Are you ready for it? Then recap it with me.


As Monk Myung Chul explains to Bong Pal who professor Joo really is, we get to see again Hyun Ji being drugged. Bong Pal runs but to her home, where she isn't, obviously. The boy is too late when he makes it to the clinic, breaking the glass like a beast and finding inside the necklace he gave Hyun Ji. The police arrive but they don't really have a lead to catch the professor.

However, Monk Myung Chul asked Chun Sang and Il Rang to keep an eye on the professor and because the our sunbae takes things seriously, they are doing a stake out. They spot the professor leaving and decide to follow him, without knowing he is carrying Hyun Ji.



What the professor does, basically, is going somewhere, changing cars, almost finding our friends but a guard gets in the way, whom gets killed by the professor, scaring the living days out of our friends. They try to keep following the professor, but their car fails them so they call Bong Pal and now, with the police, they are on their way.

Bong Pal realises that the professor is just leading them away and he must've gone back to Seoul. Because Il Rang has talent with computers, he can check the card of the professor's car and see where he's gone before, so off they go.


Professor Joo's mother wants to help, but there isn't much she can tell the police. The monk talks to her, knowing about the spirit and she tells the story of how the professor killed his abusive father. The woman got scared and tried to run away from the kid, which made it all worse so she blames herself for what he became.

The professor has taken Hyun Ji to a construction location, or abandoned building I'm not sure, and is trying to persuade her to tell him where she left the weapon he so desperately seeks. She refuses but he makes her understand if she doesn't cooperate then her loved ones will die, one by one.



Bong Pal arrives to the place but the professor escapes, not without Hyun Ji leaving a clue of where they are heading: a train station. The one where she dropped her belongings at and where the weapon should be. Finding that, our Sundae Soup friends head there to rescue Hyun Ji.


Although the professor does take Hyun Ji there, a few years ago there was a fire and the station got remodelled and changed. So he leads the girl somewhere else, clearly not in use anymore. Luckily, Il Rang remembers this and can help Bong Pal find the right place, but he's always behind. The professor gets his hands on the weapon and Hyun Ji attacks him and runs away, but he's always not far behind.

At some point, he just gets tired of chasing her and attacks her, knocking her out and trying to kill her as he doesn't need her anymore. Right then, Bong Pal shows up and attacks, but the professor is stronger. Or the evil spirit is, and Bong Pal can't against him with just brute force.



Chun Sang and Il Rang don't go inside with Bong Pal so they can tell the Monk where to go when this arrives after he's got a more powerful and special weapon against the evil spirit. By the time he makes it there, the professor is almost done with Bong Pal so now it's the monk's turn to fight. He really got some moves there but the professor is deadly and attacks ruthlessly, scaring the living days out of me that he'll kill the monk.

Monk Myung Chul makes a cut on his palm and adds his blood to the sword and like that now he can give a final attack that takes the evil spirit out of the professor, the body collapsing. But the evil spirit is not gone and wants Bong Pal's body, so the monks run and does his best to stop him, asking Hyun Ji to find the weapon as that's the only thing that can kill the spirit.

It's not enough and the weapon is not in sight yet. The spirit attacks and seems to take the life out of the monk in a mortal blow.



Well, talk about cliffhangers. I hope, pray and everything that the monk won't die but it looks bad, so bad. Good thing the final episode is out so I'll bring that recap immediately! Till then.


Let's Fight Ghost

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