Episode 5 of Let's Fight Ghost came with more insight in Bong Pal's background and a new creepy ghost but also a very heartbreaking story. Are you ready to recap it with me?


    It starts with our Bong Pal taking drunk Hyun Jin back home and putting her to bed. I still find so amusing a ghost gets drunk. Aside from this, we also get a creepy glimpse to the ghost story of today, related with a playground and someone playing hide and seek perhaps? A twisted version of it.

The next morning when Bong Pal goes to wake our ghost friend, he is mesmerised with her angelic presence and yes, bells chime and it's clear he's falling, although he pretends like it's not happening and just brushes it off. Still, he is so kind to her, making her hangover soup. 

When they are on their way to uni, our GhostNet (now Sundae Soup) friends inform Bong Pal they wired the money and wow, our lead has saved a lot, yet he doesn't share with Hyun Jin why he's saving so much money. On the bus ride, when a evidently sexy woman wants to take the seat next to Bong Pal, the one Hyun Jin is using, Bong Pal actually refuses and says it's occupied and she can't sit there. It's kind of rude, but it makes Hyun Jin so happy. She's adorable!



At school, Bong Pal is the only one who gets an A+ on the group project, even if he did it alone, and the professor tells the others to be more like Bong Pal. Then the murmurs start with gossips about Bong Pal, that the people close to him die and such. Hyun Jin notices how he doesn't react and now she can kind of understand why he's always so lonesome. She tries to convince him to do something, but he couldn't care less about that.


Professor Sung Hye comes back after the murder, acting nice but now that only looks creepy to me. He's hiding all the evidence but he's not even doing it careful, which makes me think: does he think he's above the law and criminologists? Seriously, what is he?

Chun Sang and In Rang come up with a whole presentation to announce their new club: Sundae Soup and their project to exorcise with Bong Pal. At first he doesn't want to but eventually ends up accepting the deal, he just doesn't sign for the club though. But our friends won't give up and they have noticed the way Bong Pal acts around Seo Yeon so they recruit her, knowing that's the way to lure Bong Pal to join Sundae Soup.

Bong Pal and Seo Yoon keep getting close and our Hyun Jin is acting jealous, although she isn't quite aware of that yet. Such cutie.  At the end of the class Professor Hye Sung invites the students to have lunch and shows an awful lot of interest in Bong Pal, which creeps me out! He's a psycho, get away of my baby Bong Pal! Later, this interest is deepened when we can see Professor Creepy has the same family picture that Bong Pal has! What the--?! He's now stalking Bong Pal.

Regarding the ghost story of the episode, it's in a apartment block where at night one can hear a child crying and laughing, really loudly. A father that moved just recently has had enough and goes to complaint, but the door opens and when he goes in he realise sit's empty. And, obviously, he spots the ghost child and runs for his life. And this is where our friends are going, all together in an old van that's falling apart; their first job together! It doesn't look glamorous but it's a beginning.


 At the playground they spot a woman who looks like she lost her mind. Bong Pal watches her with such sorrowful eyes. When it's dark they go inside and take a look around, noticing the way the child portrayed his father as an abusive monster in his drawings. They do run into the kid who starts running and playing. Bong Pal gets a hold of him and tells him not to play anymore, but then the kid runs away and this time they get interrupted by the Chun Sung and In Rang. 

It's time to go home for now.


Chun Sung and In Rang share now that Seo Yeon has joined the club and just as they planned it, Bong Pal also joins. This makes Hyun Jin even more jealous while Bong Pal is more concerned about the child in the apartment block. He looks online for news related and realises the kid was murdered by his stepfather, so without waiting for anyone, he heads back to the place. Hyun Jin, obviously, goes with him although she doesn't understand much of what's happening.

This time we do see the kid is scared, hiding from his abusive stepfather who beat him to death once already. The stepfather has caught him and is about to beat him again when Bong Pal makes it in and stops the abuse. He fights the ghost viciously and also tries to protect the kid. Hyun Jin comes to help when he's being choked and then protects the child while Bong Pal beats the stepfather, punch after punch, each stronger and angrier than the previous one while he wars his own flashbacks. We get a glimpse of how Bong Pal's mother died, pushed in front of an oncoming car by a shadow. An evil ghost?

Well, we know this is clearly personal now. Bong pal hits that stepfather with too much resentment.



Once the stepfather is gone, the child can finally say goodbye to his mother, the "crazy" lady from the playground who lost her mind with grieve and regret. It's a touching scene, the pain of the mother and the child comforting her remind Bong Pal of the time he lost his mother and she came to say goodbye, that heartbreaking moment that still haunts him.

At night, he has nightmares of when he was a child and the kids didn't want to play with him because he could see ghosts, and how horrible it was for him being haunted by them, crying and screaming. As he sleeps, the struggle is reflected on his face, tears fall with the pain he carries inside. Hyun Jin finds him like that, her eyes show how her own heart is breaking for him and she offers as little comfort as she can in that moment. 

And that's where the episode ends.



We got a bit of Bong Pal's past and how he lost his mother! It really broke my heart and I really understand why he's a lone wolf. I'm really glad he's let Hyun Jin stick around and I hope she can keep comforting him.

I'm beyond curious why Professor Creepy is stalking Bong Pal, how they are related and more. I'm scared for both Bong Pal and Hyun Jin. I hope things don't get so nasty.

Episode 5 is out so you can watch it already! The recap is coming soon, too.


Let's Fight Ghost

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