And the final episode of Let's Fight Ghost is out. We were left in a horrible cliffhanger so it's time to see how things unfold. Are you ready? Let's have our final match.


We have a fallen monk and professor, evil spirt lurking around to get a hold of Bong Pal, but Hyun Ji finally finds the weapon and throws it at Bong Pal, who grabs it, takes the bracelet in his hand and throws his strongest and deadliest punch at the spirit with it, finally destroying the evil spirit.



Bong Pal runs to the monk, scared he might be dead and he accepts that when there's no answer, but thankfully, the monk is still alive, just very wounded and exhausted. And not only him, but also the professor. He survived! Now the police can take him and it looks like he remembers what happened all these years and is aware of his doings, so he takes full responsibility, accepting his crimes. His mother, however, stays by his side this time.


Now that things have calmed and the enemy has been destroyed, it's time for domestic love. Hyun Ji needs to leave and her mother states clearly she doesn't want Bong Pal near Hyun Ji, it's too risky and she needs to focus on her studies. He understands so they part ways, keeping in touch as she studies hard to enter the same university he did.

Hyun Ji takes her exams and she continues dealing with ghosts, very much like Bong Pal did before, without fear and kicking their asses so they leave her alone. 

At first, it seems she failed, she tells that to Bong Pal and he is sad but tries to be supportive and tells her he can even put on hold this year for her and all. Cute little man. But in fact, Hyun Ji did make it and when Bong Pal is invited to the welcome party, he finds her there. Our boy has changed, now he socialises and doesn't reject his classmates.

Hyun Ji gets the boys' attentions as the prettiest girl, and when they ask her if she has a boyfriend, she says yes and that he's there, only looking at surprised Bong Pal. Aren't they the cutest?



The lives of the others carry on pretty normally, Il Rang graduated and the future of Sundae Soup with just Chun Sang and Bong Pal is in danger, the sunbae is desperately trying to get new members but Bong Pal isn't interested in exorcisms anymore. Il Rang is trying to get the business out there, for real, but it's not going well. Monk Myung Chul also continues his life but with our changed Bong Pal, now he is asked to live with the young boy as the monk is all the family Bong Pal has left. Monk is touched and agrees.

Yay for family time!


Hyun Ji is asked to join a blind date group, and although she has a boyfriend, she is persuaded just for the college experience that it is. However, she doesn't tell the truth to Bong Pal and he finds through Il Rang. He's all jealous, going to pick her up and stating he's the boyfriend, but she already did that so it wasn't a surprise. 


Bong Pal walks his girlfriend home and when he finds out her mother is in town, he gathers the courage to formally ask for her blessing to date Hyun Ji. The mother looks reluctant and it's made to look like she refuses, but then we learn she approved and both Hyun Ji and Bong Pal are so delighted.

As part of the college experience, Hyun Ji gets jealous of Sunbae Seo Yeon and even calls Bong Pal oppa, which the boy absolutely loves, although she's technically older than him. Then she is approached by a surprising cameo: Dae Young (played by Yoon Doo Joo) from Let's Eat, having his typical food speech and trying to get Hyun Ji in his club. But Chun Sang comes to the rescue. Not Hyun Ji's rescue, the Sundae Soup Club's rescue. He dramatically gives her the presentation to join when Bong Pal arrives, not entertained so he takes her away. 



Chun Sang and Il Rang follow them, asking them to join and continue exorcising or the former will lose his arms and legs at Il Rang's grandmother's hand. But our couple don't need the money anymore, so they refuse.

Later, when Bong Pal talks to Monk Myung Chul he asks why this was so against Bong Pal exorcising. The monk explains he knew Bong Pal was angry before at every ghost and that wasn't good, because not all ghosts are bad. Bong Pal is reminded of all those cases where the ghosts just wanted help, comfort. It's evidence that not all ghosts are evil. Bong Pal's sight isn't a curse, but a gift.

And that changes his mind so now when Chun Sang gets a new job, our kickass couple joins them and it's the four of them again!

Hyun Ji asks Bong Pal why he changed his mind and he explains because he wants to find out why they can see ghosts, whether that's for helping humans and ghosts alike or not. So they go against this ghost, shouting a strong and loud "Let's fight ghosts!" and off they go, to a new journey.



Well, wasn't that a cute ending? I like how it closes all the conflicts but at the same time it's open, leaving our leads where they started but as new people. It's beautiful, I think.

The final episode was a breath after so much tension, and no one died! I'm so happy for that. There are enough ghosts already, we don't need more, right? I loved all the domestic cutesy and how everything was wrapped up. Didn't you? I'm happy for all of them.

Oh boy, I loved this K-drama so much and I'll miss it terribly. What about you? What are your final thoughts on Let's Fight Ghost? Let's share on the comments.

And once again, thank you for reading these recaps. Now you can marathon the whole series!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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