A bit late, but I've come to give you all the recap for episode 14 of Let's Fight Ghost. It is a rollercoaster so get ready for the ride ahead, my friends.


Bong Pal does his best to comfort Hyun Ji, telling her the story how Monk Myung Chul came to him when he was a kid, offering him a hand and support so he wouldn't be scared. And just like the Monk did to him, Bong Pal holds up his hand for Hyun Ji who takes it with a smile and allows him to protect her.



Still alone at home, Hyun Ji is scared so she's on the phone with Bong Pal. He says to be home but in reality he's outside her house, making sure she's okay and when she can't fall asleep, guess what he does? He sings to her. I know it's a super cliché move but it melted my heart.  

And they continue being overly sweet to each other, with their texting and all that. Bong Pal tries to help her defend herself against ghosts and calls the Sundae Soup friends. Chun Sang ends up getting kicked in the nuts and then later comes up with "better ways" of training both mentally and physically: Karaoke. 

Have I said I love those two before? Because I do. Enormously. I have a full gif-set of the scene where the sing Heartbeat by 2PM on my tumblr.


Monk Myung Chul gets called because someone found a body and they suspect it to be Bong Pal's father so he needs to confirm it. As expected, the police is right and it's not only that, the man died in the exact same way the student did. The monk is advised to take the body for a full autopsy to Seoul, and there the detectives are alerted. As Bong Pal's father fought his attacker, there should be DNA under his nails that can be used but for that, for the full autopsy, they need the family consent.

Monk Myung Chul is left no other option than to take Bong Pal to see his father and the poor boy did not expect a visit to the morgue. The guilt and horror are clear in his expression and it seems something broke in our poor Bong Pal who looks like an empty shell now. He sigs the consent but it's not like he's thinking, he's just there, unresponsive yet moving. 

Hyun Ji has no clue why he doesn't answer and gets a bit annoyed, it's thanks to the monk who picks up the phone that she finds out. Perfect timing because at that time she had run into Professor Creepy and he was clearly taking her somewhere he could kill her. So now Hyun Ji runs to Bong Pal and struggles trying to find a way to comfort him.



When Hyun Ji sees Bong Pal's father's face she is reminded of meeting him before. When she went to pray to the temple to do well on her SAT, she ran into the man who without explanation, asked her to take something to his son: Bong Pal. It was the bracelet, the weapon against the evil spirit. Yes, that was what Professor Creepy wanted when he tried to kill her. The monk asks her if she remembers where she put that object but she doesn't, and he doesn't push her for it can be dangerous for her remembering the professor.

Professor Creepy shows up to show his respects and Monk Myung Chul threatens him but the professor shoots back, throwing the monk against a windshield and being more persuasive, threatening Bong Pal's life so now the monk remains quiet and away, for the boy's sake. We learn that the professor and evil spirt are one and if this leaves, the human will die. We also learn how the spirit came to Hye Sung, when he was bullied after his father's death and what happened. After the spirit possessed him, saying he saved the human from the hell he was living in, the kid killed another kid.


With the autopsy done, the detectives just need a warrant to get the professor's DNA. And with that done, Bong Pal can proceed with the funeral preparations and say goodbye to his father. Hyun Ji is with him but she does not what to say or do to make him feel better. She tries making him eat but he is still spacing out and rejects her offer. Instead, he just goes home to drown in his own misery, reading the letters he never opened and watching the old tapes.

Guilt is eating him alive, the poor baby.

When Hyun Ji gets home she finds out the house has been sold so they are leaving the next day. She refuses because of Bong Pal but her mother doesn't support that, saying she needs to study if she wants to meet him later. Hyun Ji rans out of home, to Bong Pal, trying to see him before she leaves but the boy doesn't open the door. She cries outside for him, he cries inside because of his guilt. I cry for both of them.



After that, Hyun Ji walks back home but Professor Creepy sees her and invites her to come in. At the same time, the detective comes to ask Bong Pal for information about the professor and how he might've known his father. And like that, the seed of doubt is planted. Bong Pal asks Monk Myung Chul about it and this confesses how the evil spirit who was once inside him is in the professor and he's after Hyun Ji.

With the truth revealed he is running to Hyun Ji to make sure she is okay.

But she is not, Professor Creepy has drugged her and has the psycho look in his eyes that means murder.



My poor heart. The first third of the episode was so cute and funny and then all went downhill and I'm still screaming. I don't want anyone to die but I'm so scared. Next week this K-drama ends and I'm not ready for that. How do you think things will end up for our friends? Share your theories on the comments.


Let's Fight Ghost

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