Bong Pal and Hyun Ji get closer, keep fighting ghosts and struggling to find the balance between the two. Episode 4 of Let's Fight Ghost is out and it's time to recap it. Do join me for the 3 new rounds of this match.


So our Bong Pal burns the dress for Hyun Ji and it's evident he thinks she looks pretty but he tries to play it cool. It's adorable that he tries, don't you think? Luckily for him, he receives a call and it's work time. And we also get a glimpse at the case of this episode: a creepy ghost in the sauna.

Our NetGhost friends still have money issues and Bong Pal is requesting the fee for his service but these two barely have to afford a meal, so they settle for avoiding Bong Pal. They can't avoid, however, the landlord who this time breaks the door after the Bong Pal broke it previously when he came after the ghost. They actually get kicked out of their place and now have nowhere to crash.

Hyun Ji is tired so she just goes into Bong Pal's room and finds him changing. She's flustered by the abs (me too, girl!) but the incident doesn't weight much on them. She's more focused on teasing him for trying to look better for his crush and she also mocks him a bit for that. At school, she runs into her eonni, who is surprised for the dress and is sure it's because Bong Pal likes her, so now that idea is in Hyun Ji's head. But nah, she knows he likes someone else, in fact she even pushes him to her but it's pretty useless. I like to believe she teases him like that because she's a bit jealous. Regardless, their bickering and glare contests always amuse me.



Professor Hye Sung comes in then and Hyun Ji's radar goes off because it seems the professor avoided her. Could he see her and pretends not to? They discard that and continue their day, but aish! There's something weird about him and I want to know what it is!


     Bong Pal and Hyun Ji go after the GhostNet friends just to find out they were kicked out and continue avoiding him. They really have no money to pay for all their debts, not even someone to borrow money from. It's sad.

Somewhere else in campus, Seo Yeon finds the student who found the dead cat. Now we get to know she actually saw when the professor killed the cat and it was horrible. She also found his pen that in her rush to leave, drops it so now Seo Yeon finds it. She goes to give it back, telling who had found it before. Professor Hye Sung has such a creepy and psychotic look after that I actually get chills down my spine.

Regarding Monk Myung Chul, he found the letter Bong Pal's father sent and it's clear there's a story there, a lot he's keeping from our boy.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji get down to business to tackle her SAT exam. He has to test her and learns she needs all the help in the world if she so desires to pass the exam. Hyun Ji's future looks plagued with books. In fact, yes, Bong Pal brings a mountain of books with the plan to study all night long, but it's been five years since she opened a book. It does not go that well and this time she's easily defeated with the strength of knowledge.




     Chun Sang and In Rang can only go to a cheap sauna that's empty and while there, Chun Sang get's attacked by the creepy ghost who beats the living days out of him. That ghost is the reason why it was cheap and empty.

The next day, Bong Pal doesn't want her to come with him and just ignores her. She ends up going into the room he told her not to go and finds a pair of pretty heels that would match her dress perfectly. She is trying them on when he finds her and, obviously, they fight. She wants to know whom all these stuff belong to, he only yells at her to accept she's a ghost and stop acting like a human. She's hurt and annoyed.

Bong Pal goes to school normally, even runs into the GhostNet friends who try to escape but fail. Even with all this happening, Bong Pal misses Hyun Ji and actually bribes her with food. Without talking about it, by just making food, he lures her until she gives in and can't stay away. How adorable, don't you think?

It's after this that Bong Pal gets called by Chun Sang and In Rang because they got the perfect plan to pay Bong Pal back: exorcise the sauna. They manage to convince him and while they have their talk, Hyun Ji steals Bong Pal's drink, getting tipsy.

They go to the sauna and because she drank quite a lot, she's just sleeping when the creepy and pervert ghost grabs her legs. Her piercing scream has Bong Pal running to her, to save her. This time Hyun Ji, as she's drunk, isn't of much help so it's all to Bong Pal while Chun Sang and In Rang hide in the sauna. She does manage to tell Bong Pal where to hit the pervert and with an overly dramatic kick, the pervert ghost is gone.



After that, going home is an ordeal because Hyun Ji is even more drunk, but she's adorable in her state. Bong Pal's look is always so fond as she acts all clumsy. In her drunk state, she breaks down crying because she has no idea how she died or why. She doesn't remember anything and we can see how Bong Pal feels really sorry for her. I just want to hug her. He ends up giving her a piggy back ride.

Meanwhile, Professor Hye Sung has gone out to find the student who found the pen and now he's full creepy mode and HOLY COW HE STRANGLES HER! Cat screams are heard and I don't know what that means, what connection he has with cats but he's too creepy and he's killing the student! WHAT IS HE?! A demon? A possessed human? WHAT?!



Dear God. It was evident the professor was evil but this is too much! I mean, the acting is great because it gives me the creeps, but still! It's scary and the look in his eyes is actually terrifying. Don't you agree? He must've killed Hyun Ji, but why? How? I really need to figure out how he is connected to all this!

Anyhow, episode 5 is almost here so let's wait patiently. Until then!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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