A new week in this month of August means a new episode of Let's Fight Ghost. Episode 9 brings us the most domestic moments for our leads and a lot of cutesy, so are you ready to be overcome with how sweet Bong Pal and Hyun Ji can be? Then recap this with me.


    After Hyun Ji's sudden disappearance and Bong Pal evident distress, they go home acting just a bit awkward but in a different way. What it looks now is like two people who just confessed to each other and haven't figure out how to be a couple just yet. At home, Bong Pal is the cutest by giving up his room for Hyun Ji. Both try to act cool about it but their grins are almost painful to watch. At the memories of how tightly Bong Pal held her, Hyun Ji bursts out giggling and Bong Pal hears her, grinning to himself.

Why so cute?



The police, on the other hand, is on Professor Creepy's tail, but there's nothing suspicious about him. He's "too perfect," which IN itself is suspicious. I really like this detective and I hope he finds something. The professor goes to the murdered student's funeral and spots a new victim, I'm sure of it.


The next morning when Hyun Ji wakes up Bong Pal is making breakfast. She tries to act all cute, eating just a bit in her attempt to be overly feminine, small bites and everything, but it strikes Bong Pal as odd. They still go to school together and it's like they are hyper aware of each other, when their hands brush and such. At the library, when they accidentally get too close because someone else needs to walk by, the tension is so strong she flees.

Hyun Ji is adorable with her fluttering feelings and beating heart and Bong Pal is nervous and awkward, not knowing exactly what to do for the girl. Actually, he gets help from the Sundae Soup friends. Oh well, from Chun Sang who gives him tips on how to make a woman's heart flutter. Like exposing the jaw or making eye contact, even trying to make her laugh. All good things, but when he says them they lose a lot of credit, don't you think?

Bong Pal still listens to them and actually tries all these with Hyun Ji, but they never work and eventually realises that the way to her heart is meat. That makes her the happiest and later at night they stargaze together. Seriously, they are adorable. But it does not end there! The next day they go on a date, but it's not only that! They have a foam battle before that, being ultimately domestic and cute. I can't even.



Their date is most adorable, they go and do what all couples do, but first he buys a new outfit for her, including heels. They go to the movies, walk around hand in hand, get a full course meal and are the most adorable two. Bong Pal does receive weird looks the whole time because in other people's eyes, he's talking and being cute to thin air. They are missing the adorableness of the couple.

At home, Hyun Ji has dreams of her death, getting a bit more of fractured memories that make her wake up with a scream. Bong Pal hurries to her side to comfort her and they have a talk heart-to-heart. They talk about how hard it was for him to see ghosts as a kid and such, but now he's all right. Hyun Ji is thankful he can see her, that she is not alone anymore. I'm thankful, too.


The police continue with the investigation and this time they've got pictures of Professor Creepy's car near the location where they found the body! Yes! But it's useless, when they call the professor for questioning someone else commits suicide and confesses having killed the student, working to clear Professor Creepy from all suspicion. Of course, it was the professor's doing, he followed the new target after the funeral and killed him, just to write the suicide letter/confession later. That little bastard!

After the professor is released from the police station, he runs into Bong Pal and Hyun Ji outside his clinic and actually looks at the ghost, but she doesn't realise this, thinking he's looking at the dog. Inside, Professor Creepy offers Bong Pal working with him for the volunteering work and Hyun Ji goes around, following the puppy into the professor's office. When this man goes there I almost think he'll attack Hyun Ji, but luckily Bong Pal comes in and takes her away. Alone there, he closes a notebook of black sheets, the ones he used to crave a butterfly, and it turns out that notebook belonged to Hyun Ji! 

Why is he like that? Keeping mementos of his victims? He's a psychopath!

Bong Pal gets a new job and goes with Hyun Ji. It turns out a creepy female ghost is haunting a man. He screams and harms himself, so when Bong Pal and Hyun Ji step in, the ghost runs away but they manage to find out she is an ex girlfriend. The family is angry but there isn't much they can do for now, they'll come back later.

Outside, Chun Sang scolds In Rang for liking a ghost, telling him how dangerous it is, their new job the proof of it. Hyun Ji listens to this, knowing how bad and impossible a relationship between a human and a ghost is. Guilt starts to grow in her and Bong Pal is worried.



Monk Myung Chul has a bad feeling about the professor and recognises him from that meeting outside the building. When he's at Bong Pal's home and after Bong Pal was called for another job, he looks for whatever information regarding Bong Pal's father and finds a text that mentions the boy's middle school graduation. So he goes looking for the tapes. He watches them and now with the professor's face clear in his memory, he recognises the man looking the same in Bong Pal's graduation!

When the couple is heading back home, Hyun Ji is lost in her thoughts, recalling their date and know we know she did see all the glances people gave Bong Pal, knowing it's all her fault. She feels responsible and like she's stopping Bong Pal from living a normal life, knowing what they have is impossible. 

Hyun Ji tries walking away, but Bong Pal goes after her, confessing he likes her and doesn't care what people might think of them. AND THEN HE KISSES HER! The world stopping around them while my screams are heard in the background. You heard them, right?



 Oh dear God, the whole episode was so cute and it gave me so many feels, their date and how adorable together they are. I love this couple and I do understand the angst and worries for how impossible it is. It reminds me so much of a book I wrote. I can't wait for the next episode. I think we all agree and hope Hyun Ji is in a coma, and who knows, maybe after this kiss she'll remember something else to help her find out her exact identity and what happened to her. 

I can't wait!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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