A new week started, which means a new episode of Let's Fight Ghost. The seventh installment in the series brings us a cute Hyun Ji having her crush and a big revelation… well, more like confirmation. Ready to recap it with me? Let's fight!


     It starts with Bong Pal running at full speed to save Hyun Ji, taking her from the other ghost's hands and fighting it. Luckily, it's not a hard-to-kill ghost and he can endure the fight under the water. Then he takes Hyun Ji with him and for a second it seems she'll disappear, but she wakes up and clings to him after the shock of almost dying.

After such scare, Hyun Ji actually gets sick and Bong Pal stays home to look after her, coming with excuses to Seo Yeon saying he's sick and won't make it. He even makes porridge for Hyun Ji and watches over until she wakes up. Once she does she looks better, but what's better is that she has quite a few new memories of her last moments (a woman crying for her, calling her name and such). She insists it's all right so she is back to making him company on his daily life.



Monk Myung Chul is visiting Bong Pal's father because after that encounter with Professor Creepy he has a bad feeling. There, he learns that the man received a visit from his "son," but the ahjumma couldn't really see the kid's face. The father got scared at some point so we clearly know something happened, something bad and evidently it wasn't Bong Pal the one there. Could it have been Professor Creepy?


While Myung Chul looks for something else to help him figure out what's going on, Kyung Ja eonni finally finds her "honey" and follow Professor Creepy to the clinic. The sundae Soup friends are trying to convince In Rang's grandmother to invest on them for their new exorcism business. That doesn't go well. And Bong Pal and Hyun Ji go to university as he has his exam periods so he needs to study.

The detectives are back on campus to tell Seo Yeon about the dead student. She's surprised, and tells them about their last encounter, including the fountain pen she returned. That works to make the detective more suspicious! Well done, Seo Yeon. We find out Professor Creepy has kept the phone of the student, as a morbid memento and, God, he looks so creepy when he gives that murderous psychopath glare.

At the library, Bong Pal is studying while Hyun Ji is looking adorable, crushing so hard on him. She stares at him and draws hearts to his picture, she even doodles over Seo Yeon in her jealousy. She looks like an infatuated puppy and then she's so happy when Bong Pal makes a deal with her that if she gets over 80 points in her next mock exam, then he'll grant her a wish. 



After their study session, Hyun Ji spots a girl at the library who is acting like a maniac, but they don't dwell much on it. Later we confirm it's the girl that prior tried to kill herself when she lowered her ranking in school but a ghost took possession of her.


Sundae Soup friends got a new case and they continue making investment for their business, so they are buying uniforms and make Bong Pal get one before they go to take care of the case. They look sharp yet funny at the same time. It's probably In Rang with the short pants and long socks. Bong Pal looks fine.

The case is with this student they saw. The mother has called them to tell them how she has changed, even saying the girl told her that her daughter was dead already. It looks and sounds like a case of possession. Bong Pal goes in but the girl attacks him and manages to escape to the rooftop. Hyun Ji gets to her first and stops her from jumping and killing the body of the student. They start fighting, Bong Pal arrives and struggles with her. When he's being choked, the mother comes and apologises to the girl for being so tough, explaining her motive. The ghost struggles to stay in the body and finally has to release the student girl, but the ghost still fights Bong Pal although he lands a punch that sends the ghost to the afterlife.



Hyun Ji was watching the mother run to the girl and cry for her, and she's reminded of her own recent memories so she assumes that the woman she saw must've been her own mother.

With the case closed, they go back to study and the mock exam for Hyun Ji. She is very serious this time and when Bong Pal gives the results it shows up she did really well, getting 82 points which means she wins the deal! In exchange she asks Bong Pal to take her to the amusement park so they agree to meet there the next day after he finishes his exams.

Kyung Ja gets inside Professor Creepy's office and when a phone rings, she opens a drawer and finds Hyun Ji's student ID! But then he comes back and mutters about things getting complicated now "she made it inside". And then he turns and looks at Kyung Ja! Can he really see her? Did he really kill Hyun Ji? Aigo~!

The next day, Bong Pal is heading to meet Hyun Ji after the exam when Seo Yeon runs into him, yet he tells her he has plans and turns to leave, but when he's walking away, a scooter comes and causes an accident. Seo Yeon is bleeding and perhaps she sprained her wrist or something. Obviously, Bong Pal takes her to the hospital and stays with her while Hyun Ji waits… and waits… and waits. Her face showing disappointment and hurt.



And the episode ends there. I find odd that they agreed to meet when normally she goes with him everywhere. Still, it sucks that a ghost doesn't have a phone and he has no way to tell her there was an emergency. I don't like Hyun Ji getting hurt but I hope it doesn't get that messy and they clear up the misunderstanding soon.

Episode 8 is out so why not watch it already?


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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