Episode 6 of Let's Fight Ghost was, most certainly, a fluttering one. The blooming feelings are becoming more evident and out Hyun Jin now struggles with her feelings. Are you ready to recap it with me?


     It starts with a man hiking in the forest and literally falling on the abandoned corpse of the student professor Hye Sung killed. Now Police are on this case and hopefully on Professor Creepy (I’ve decided to call him that as I get the chills every time he shows up on the screen).

Bong Pal wakes up and finds Hyun Ji holding his hand. It’s a bit awkward at first but they don’t make a big deal out of it. And after that Bong Pal cleans up and puts on a suit. Our ghost doesn’t even suspect why he’s all dressed up and only when she follows him understands it’s his mother’s memorial. Smiles are gone and she looks worried so when they are back she tries all her lame jokes to cheer him up. I’m sure he doesn’t smile because she’s being funny but because it’s so lame it’s absurd.

Chun Sung and In Rang register their new members, club and pay for the fees so they get their room back. Yay for happy times!

The next day Bong Pal and Hyun Ji sit under the trees with falling petals in the air. It looks beautiful and with Bong Pal’s kind words, our ghost is flustered but it gets worse when he takes a stuck petal out of her hair. Her cheeks are so lovely pink she looks even cuter as she escapes. Later she tells about these symptoms to her eonni, who tells Hyun Ji what we all know already: she likes Bong Pal. But Hyun Ji is in the first stage: denial.




       Chun Sung and In Rang follow Seo Yeon to persuade her to join them for a retreat for their club, knowing that if she goes so does Bong Pal. In fact, after she’s agreed and Bong Pal is back with Hyun Ji, they tell the boy about the retreat. Obviously, being the loner he is, Bong Pal doesn’t want to join even if Hyun Ji insists they should, that it would be fun. Yet, when Sundae Soup friends inform of the inclusion of Seo Yeon Bong Pal is tempted and Hyun Ji jealous. Now she is the one saying not to go and out of consideration the boy says he’ll think about it but we all know he’ll say yes.

Of course he does and then he’s packing to join the others. Hyun Ji isn’t amused but she still goes and they have to squeeze to fit in. They arrive to In Rang’s family’s holiday house. I find hilarious his family hates Chun Sung so much.

For this retreat there’s a clear purpose: to help Bong Pal and Seo Yeon to get together. Chun Sung and In Rang are not even discreet and it’s most amusing. Chun Sung lies so the two have time alone. In Rang trips and hits his head, almost dying (I think) because he can momentarily see Hyun Ji and calls her angel.

It’s sad that Bong Pal leaves Hyun Ji behind and ditches her to go with Seo Yeon, but it’s not like I can’t blame him, his puppy crush is the size of the whole peninsula of Korea. Our ghost friend looks positively sad and even more jealous.




But it isn’t that terrible yet, they are having a good time together although Hyun Ji keeps getting jealous and acting childish, which only earns her Bong Pal’s disapproving stares. And we also get a glimpse of the ghost of this episode: an evil mermaid-like-ghost in the lake.

The detectives need to ask questions around and they end up talking to Professor Creepy who acts like he’s done nothing but one of the detectives catches him smirking and now he’s suspicious. YES! Follow your guts and don’t buy his perfect charade. I mean, he even ends up breaking into Bong Pal’s house later in the episode! WHY?! And he runs into Monk Myung Chul who also gets the creeps. THEY HAVE MET BEFORE! HOW?! WHEN?!



      Back to the Sundae Soup club, they have a wonderful time at the lake, swimming and paddling, they laugh and get refreshed. It’s really nice. Then it’s drinking time and games. Hyun Ji tries to take part of the games but it’s impossible when no one else sees her and that clearly makes her sad. But she’s not the only one sad because once they’ve drunk a lot Chun Sung manages to ask Seo Yeon if she likes someone and she confirms she does, but he’s not there and that breaks Bong Pal’s heart and hopes that were raising with everyone telling them they looked like a cute couple.

The next day Hyun Ji is at the dock when Seo Yeon also goes to sit there, but that’s the kind-of-mermaid-ghost who swims to her and grabs her by the ankles, trying to drown her. Bong Pal is walking by and spots it so he rushes to help, and then come the others. Bong Pal assumes it was Hyun Ji who has been acting petty the whole trip. She denies it but he doesn’t believe it and that hurts her. They argue and she ends up leaving, back to the dock on her own.



   Bong Pal goes to get some aid supplies for the minor injury of Seo Yeon and in the convenience store he finds out about the ghost in the lake and realises Hyun Ji really didn’t do it and she’s in danger.

He runs back to the lake, to Hyun Ji who obviously gets grabbed by the ghost and pulled inside the water. I don't know why a ghost would try to get rid of another ghost, but it happens and Bong Pal is late. But he dives into the water and swims towards an unconscious and drifting Hyun Jin.



I really don't get how a ghost can drown, which makes me think she is not really a ghost. I insists, she must be in a coma or something. She doesn't even look like a ghost and acts too much like a human. I pray she's not really dead. What do you all think?

Now let's wait for episode 7 together!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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