Episode 10 of Let's Fight Ghost was a rollercoaster of emotions, with a ghost case that actually broke my heart. Are you ready to recap it and see what happens with our leads? Let's fight!


    The episode starts with the kiss scene again, my squeals, and then Monk Myung Chul going to see Professor Creepy. He asks if they have met before but if the professor knows, he pretends not to. They shake hands and the monk gets a bad feeling, when he leaves his hand is shaking and he calls to get support. 

When Bong Pal and Hyun Ji make it home, they are a bit awkward, pretty normal after a kiss. Later, when Bong Pal joins her to watch a drama it's just when the kissing scene comes and the tension increases tenfold. They stare at each other's lips, recalling the kiss. Hyun Ji can't take the tension and flees first.




In some school, a creepy ghost shows up so the student who had the sighting goes to Chun Sang and In Rang for help. They take Bong Pal and Hyun Ji to the school where almost everyone has seen the ghost but something is different. The leads follow the screams and find the ghost, and this time Chun Sang doesn't just scream, he tackles the ghost who turns out not to be a ghost but just a creepy sunbae.


What's worse, they don't even get paid in money but some weird thing that gives Chun Sang allergies. And here I was, expecting creepy ghost story.


 The detectives check the body of the person who claimed to have killed the student, but there's not much to see that can help. As they are in the zone, they drop to visit Professor Creepy's mother who acts weird. It's like she's scared or threatened to support and testify for her son. And then, creepily as he is, the professor shows up so the detectives have to leave.

The family from the case in the previous episode calls so the Sundae Soup club goes to the home to find out what happened. The man ran away and they can't find him. They figure out he could've gone to the place in the pictures with the female ghost. So they rush there and actually post him at the bridge, trying to kill himself. Hyun Ji puffs next to him and stops the ghost, but we learn then the ghost wasn't trying to kill him but stop him from such.

Their story's heartbreaking. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour that would give him three months, at best. He met her right when he felt hopeless and she brought light to his world again, making him want to live and try the surgery. But he never told her about that until he was too scared he might not make it. He leaves a voicemail saying such and in her rush to go to him, she gets in a car accident, dying. He finds out when he wakes up so he blames himself for her death and that's why he wants to kill himself.

Bong Pal saves him after he jumped in the water and when he comes out, the man can see the ghost and they can finally say goodbye, she says she loves him and that it isn't his fault, he has to leave. Finally, she moves on.

When they make it back home, In Rang wants Bong Pal to give Hyun Ji a letter he wrote, but Bong Pal actually rejects him for the ghost, saying she already likes someone else. Poor In Rang is heartbroken after that, getting drunk and threatening to kill himself. No, the baby!



Regarding Professor Creepy and his mother, we can see the relationship between them is tense, she is scared of him and when he leaves we find out that she doesn't even consider him her son. It happened she saw how when he was still a kid (well, a teenager in fact) he pushed his father, killing him. Back then, dark smoke surrounded him, which means evil spirit. So uh, he was possessed and has been since then, probably.


   Monk Myung Chul goes to see Bong Pal and hears him when he's laughing and talking to Hyun Ji, figuring out that he's living with a ghost. Obviously, they get in an argument about that, Myung Chul reveals that Bong Pal's mother was killed by a ghost and that he's saving money to get his eyes fixed. This shocks Hyun Ji but Bong Pal tells the monk to leave him alone and then tries to reassure Hyun Ji. It doesn't work much, though. She actually stays home while he goes to university.

Monk Myung Chul remembers it's Bong Pal's birthday so he goes back to drop a cake and feels Hyun Ji. Before she leaves, he makes her stop to tell her Bong Pal's story and how they met.

When Bong Pal was a kid, he was possessed by an evil spirit and his parents went to the monk for help, but he couldn't completely defeat the spirit. Some of the dark energy remained in Bong Pal, allowing him to see ghosts since then. The evil spirit, in his rage, killed Bong Pal's mother in front of the kid. Monk Myung Chul has felt guilty since then, blaming himself.

Now, he begs Hyun Ji to leave Bong Pal for his own sake, as he's had such a hard time because of ghosts. Hyun Ji cries and it's evident the monk's words reached her.



A bit later Bong Pal comes back, not wanting to leave Hyun Ji alone. She pretends nothing happened and that she didn't even run into the monk, instead she changes the topic to his birthday and suggests to celebrate it together. That is how they end up going on a ferris boat to see the fireworks. 

They are ultimately cute, Bong Pal is actually so happy with her but Hyun Ji actually apologises to him, saying it's for everything and when she looks down she looks so torn. At some point she makes an excuse to make him leave and before he is back, she disappears. As Bong Pal can't find her, he gets desperate, trapped in the boat screaming her name. From the bay, Hyun Ji watches him as she goes back to her uniform, how she was before meeting Bong Pal, and walks away.



 Aigo, this episode broke my heart. The ghost case was so sad, but then Bong Pal's story was terrible as well, and the pain Hyun Ji felt, understanding the best for Bong Pal would be getting the surgery but also wanting to be together... My heart breaks for them.

I'm both sad and glad we finally understand what happened to Bong Pal, how he started to see ghosts and why the monk is always around. I'm pretty sure the spirit inside the professor is the same inside Bong Pal and that's the connection, why the monk reacted that way and like they had met before. It would explain why he's obsessed with Bong Pal and has stalked him for years.

I can't wait to see how the story progresses! I'm waiting eagerly for the next episode. What about you?


Let's Fight Ghost

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