New week and the battle continues! Episode 3 of Let's Fight Ghost brings us new ghosts, our leads getting closer and a bit more of mystery. Ready to recap it?


After that kiss where we were left off, our Hyun Jin doesn't remember anything and in her confusion, she runs away. Bong Pal assumes she just used him as, apparently, other virgin ghosts have and he gets angry. That same night, a famous singer commits suicide, driven by the hateful comments of antis. She takes a video of it.

The next morning Bong Pal actually looks around, expecting to see Hyun Jin but now she's avoiding him, which only works to annoy him further. Hyun Jin, on the other hand, is having a mild existential crisis and this time she confines in her eonni for advice, telling her it was a guy and not bloody sausages wha she "bumped against". The clingy ghost advises our Hyun Jin to cling on to Bong Pal until she figures out what is special about him and that's what our ghost does. Bong Pal, obviously, tries to ignore her but she has nothing better to do and they end up having these silly little fights, more like kids, with people always catching him and thinking he's crazy. He clearly loses in all of these matches and that's why I made gifs of this one at the library.



Hyun Jin makes a bargain with Bong Pal to help him with the exorcises and paying off her debt of 10M won like that. After she explains why she wants to stick around, he agrees but it'll clearly take a few cases to pay it off.


Now it's time to try the domestics of living together. Oddly, Hyun Jin gets a toothbrush for her and acts so… human like, nagging him for food and even trying to persuade Bong Pal to buy her a dress. Of course he doesn't but she still tries. She manages to make him cook meat but Monk Myung Chul arrives and eats everything. He's definitely on her black list now. He also takes the couch and it seems ghosts can sleep, so with no where else to crash, she ends up lying next to Bong Pal on his bed. For some reason, he sleeps pressed against the wall, which leaves a lot of room for such a small frame as Hyun Jin's. 

That until he turns around and they end up face-to-face.

It's so close they could kiss again, and Hyun Jin definitely seems tempted, staring at Bong Pal's lips and recalling their latest kiss, but ultimately she turns around, defeated. This time is one for Bong Pal, even if he's unconscious when this happens.



During the night Bong Pal wakes up finding her there, but instead of kicking her out, he just covers her up and goes to sleep on the sofa. The next morning he can finally cook for Hyun Jin. And she eats A LOT.


While all this happens, remember the singer who killed herself? She's come back as an angry, vengeful ghost to kill all those antis who made her life a living hell. She goes against this guy, alias Sadako, who also happens to bully Chun Sang, he even hacked the student. The lady ghost scares the living days out of her victims and breaks their fingers in an unnatural and horrid way, their cheeks streaked with bloody tears like hers.

As Chun Sang was hacked, his account was used to leave nasty comments. Our GhostNet friends, who believe in ghosts, suspect it's the singer who's after the haters and, obviously, Chun Sang fears for his life, knowing he'll be next.

On the other hand. Bong Pal and Hyun Jin keep going around together, she tries to help him with his crush but that girl seem to be more interested in the professor who continues looking creepy to me. She even adopted the dog. Hye Sung is a really sketchy character, I can't trust him. And neither can the cat in campus who bites him when he tries to touch her.

In Rang comes to seek Bong Pal's help and they make it right in time because the ghost has come for Chun Sang. He passes out and she's about to break his hand when Hyun Jin shows up, attacking and using her best round kick. But Lady Ghost is nasty and strong, so full of hatred and misery. The fight, throwing each other against surfaces and walls, and when it looks like Hyun Jin is going to lose this round, Bong Pal shows up to help. 

Different from the other cases, this time what seems to work to get rid of the ghost is what Hyun Jin tells her about the singer being the one who hated herself the most. 

She burns to ashes like that.



After this fight, on their way home, Hyun Jin is so tired she can't even poof herself back to Bong Pal's place. He looks so fond of her already and even goes back to get her some meat to celebrate. He doesn't do only that, he also gets her the dress she wanted.

For a ghost to wear that one needs to burn it and magically, the clothes will change. Now Hyun Jin is wearing the lovely pink dress and that makes her so happy. She goes to show it to Bong Pal who looks at her with the eyes of a man falling in love.


And to finish, the story shows us that the cat in campus is now dead and Hye Sung has his arm covered in scratches, the echo of cat fight in the background, hinting he killed the cat! 


I KNEW HE COULD NOT BE TRUSTED! He killed a mum cat! She had just given birth to kittens why? He's a vet! No~! I hate when these things happen. Like, humans die and I don't blink an eye, an animal dies and I scream bloody Mary.

Anyhow, ready to watch episode 4? I certainly am. Soon I'll bring the recap for that one. Meanwhile, add it to your queue if you haven't.


Let's Fight Ghost

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