Episode 12 of Let's Fight Ghost came with more development in the new turn the K-drama took and we are more than ready to explore it, are we not? Recap it with me.


  After Hyun Ji disappears in Bong Pal's arms, he screams her name and looks frantically around. And this is why we should always listen to our doctor, because with the shock, the screaming and the havoc of emotions, the concussion he got decides to say "hey I'm here, too" and gets our Bong Pal fainting outside the hospital. Luckily, Chun Sang and Il Rang come out looking for him and find him sprawled on the ground, quickly running to his side to pick their hobae up.



 Inside, the doctor makes Bong Pal rest and Chun Sang and Il Rang stay with him, looking after the boy diligently. At some point Monk Myung Chul calls and finds out Bong Pal is at the hospital. When he arrives and recognises the boys from a long time at some exorcising scene, he seems displeased they are making Bong Pal's company. The monk is totally unhappy when he learns the two students actually have an exorcising business with Bong Pal.

The next day, when Bong Pal wakes up, there's a fuss in the hospital with Hyun Ji waking up from a five-year coma. She doesn't remember anything about the accident or her life, although she does recognise her mother and father. Obviously, she does't remember Bong Pal either so when he boy pays her a visit, after il Rang actually spots her and recognises her, telling Bong Pal about it, she doesn't recognise him. Her actions evidently hurt him but it's not like he can blame her, so Bong Pal understands and laves her.


 As someone who woke up from a five-year coma, Hyun Ji needs therapy and patience so she has to stay at the hospital for a while. Professor Yoo (AKA Professor Crepy) keeps an eye on her as he's heard she doesn't remember. I guess if she shows sign of remembering anything he'll attack and try to kill her again.

We learn something very important in this episode. Two weapons to kill highly powerful evil spirits like the one who possessed Bong Pal and is currently in Professor Yoo's body were made. One was destroyed after the exorcism on Bong Pal, the other is being sought by the professor. Apparently, Bong Pal's family has to do with it, hence why the spirit is to taken on getting rid of them and the sword, and I'm guessing the item Professor Yoo was asking of Hyun Ji when he ran her over was that weapon.

Talking about Hyun Ji and Professor Yoo, when our girl is moving around and has some trouble with the wheel chair, he's there to help. Obviously, it's just to get in her good grace and make sure she does not remember a thing. It makes me scream with frustration that both Hyun Ji and her mother seem so infatuated with the professor.


Let me remind, you he killed a cat. A mother cat. And many people but especially a cat.



Chun Sang and Il Rang go to see Bong Pal, trying to cheer him up about Hyun Ji not remembering him, telling him how the boy should be happy that Hyun Ji is alive and doing well. Il Rang is a precious soul by telling Bong Pal about the accident and how he should stay by Hyun Ji's side even more.

After that, Bong Pal goes to see Hyun Ji to apologise for the way he acted before, hand her the books with the pictures and the tooth brush she made him buy her. He also tells her he is her boyfriend even if she doesn't remember. She fights that knowledge because he is so not her type (I don't know about you but hot, kind, good cook and tall men are totally my type). Even if Hyun Ji is like that, he warns her that he'll be coming every day until she remembers.


 Bong Pal actually goes to see her every day as Hyun Ji has her therapy, although she's doing really well. Professor Yoo is also around and I feel my guts twist when she's all smiles and flirty eyes. And the professor dares to hold an innocent puppy and do volunteer work at the hospital. With him around I worry about the wellbeing of every living creature there, especially the puppy. 

Bong Pal brings food and runs into Monk Myung Chul who came to apologise to Hyun Ji after learning she's alive and was in a coma all this time. They meet near where Hyun Ji and Professor Yoo are talking animatedly. The monk learns that's Hyun Ji and the fact the professor is near her strikes him as suspicious and dangerous.

When Hyun Ji is done with the professor she runs into Bong Pal who brought a lot of food (the man knows the way to her heart) and although she refuses at first, at the mention of meat she's in. The girl is the cutest and her usual self, eating happily and Bong Pal is more enamoured than ever. But after Hyun Ji is done, she wants to leave. Bong Pal tries to stop her, what causes her to lose her balance and the boy, trying to help, receives the fall and almost end up having another accidental kiss. For a second she remembers their first one but then she's whining about not having her first kiss yet. Bong Pal tells her otherwise, he was her first kiss. And that's where Hyun Ji loses her cool and beats him up like the first time.

Aren't they cute and consistent?



 After being beaten up, Bong Pal just lies there, hurting while she makes her way back to the hospital. 

At the vet clinic, the monk has come to pay a visit to Professor Yoo but he isn't around (which makes me totally nervous because it's late and what if he is after Hyun Ji?). Monk Myung Chul asks to use the toilet but it's just an excuse to look around and find something about the professor. He founds Hyun Ji's student ID and hasn't made his way out when he runs into the professor.

Oh shoot! There will be confrontation there and I hope the monk doesn't die there!

At the hospital, we learn that the tall and gloomy doctor Hyun Ji has seen around isn't just creepy, he is a ghost who was a psychopath when he was alive, killing patients in the OR. This means Hyun Ji can still see spirits and now the psychopath ghost is after her. When she's on her way to get her phone back, the ghosts attacks. Bong Pal is on his way and hears the screams, running to her just as Hyun Ji shouts his name like an instinct. 



WHY SUCH CLIFFHANGER?! I mean, really? My poor heart and I have to wait until Monday to know how Bong Pall will save her, because he will, obviously. I hope that makes her believe him more when he says they met when she was a ghost-slash-soul. My dear ghosts, I'm so hyped and I really hope no one dies in the following episodes.

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Let's Fight Ghost

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