There are a lot of memorable moments in Korean dramas, but none are as special or exciting as the kiss scenes! The climax to the tension that has been building...the release of passion and longing from a long absence...the surprise that completely changes everything...the reasons and developments leading up to that fateful moment when the lips of the romantic leads touch are various, but nevertheless those of us watching can't help but remember them. So then, what is the experience like for the actors who are preforming the very act? the case of Let's Fight Ghosts we don't have to wonder anymore as Kim So Hyun herself reveals her thoughts on what it was like to lock lips with 2PM's Taecyeon.

In an interview with Star News, 17 year old actress Kim So Hyun honestly admitted that she was extremely bothered by the kiss scenes in Let’s Fight Ghost

Kim So Hyun told the interviewer that prior to shooting the drama the director had told her there would either be no kiss scenes at all or maybe just one or two. However, as filming continued, it turns out that they had as many as four kiss scenes despite what the director had previously said. 

Even though Kim So Hyun felt troubled by the kiss scenes, she admitted that she was happy with how they have come out due to the good chemistry between herself and Taecyeon. She went on to comment that because the two actors had such good chemistry they were able to complete filming each kiss scene in one take, with the exception of the time when Kim So Hyun could not help but laugh. 

While Kim So Hyun might have been worried about the kiss scenes themselves, Taecyeon was reportedly more worried about provoking outrage from Kim So Hyun's fans. 

Perhaps one of the reasons why Kim So Hyun seems more nervous about the kiss scenes is because she has never had a male friend.

According to an interview with Ilgan Sports, Kim So Hyun revealed that she has no male friends in her life. "I don't even have one male friend. I don't have any phone numbers. I did go to a co-ed middle school, but it was difficult to get close with male friends. In elementary school, all I remember is fighting with boys."

Kim So Hyun went on to explain, "Since I work, I know a lot more oppas. Because of that, I know how to interact with oppas now. However, I still have no same-aged friends." She added, "Of all the oppas I've worked with so far, Yeo Jin Goo and I had the largest age gap. I don't know his phone number though."

The last episode of Let's Fight Ghost airs soon and then the cast and crew will reportedly head to Jeju Island in September to celebrate the success of the show.

Let's Fight Ghost will also be Taecyeon's last project before heading off to complete his two year military service. 

Could you tell how Kim So Hyun felt during her kiss scenes with Taecyeon in Let's Fight Ghost??? 

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