Unfortunately, yet another one of our favorite actors will be absent from the small screen for awhile. At the Let's Fight Ghost press showcase, Taecyeon, who will be playing the role of exorcist Park Bong Pal, revealed that he will most likely begin his mandatory military enlistment early next year following the completion of the drama. Along with this announcement, he also opened up about the future of his K-pop group, 2PM. 

In the past year, there have been many rumors and speculations regarding Taecyeon's impending enlistment and whether he will be joined by his fellow 2PM member, Jun K. However, last Friday, these rumors were finally put to rest. After careful consideration, it has been decided that both singers will be joining the service in 2017, making the upcoming supernatural drama Taecyeon's last project until his eventual return. He has stated that he is working very diligently on filming and that he hopes fans anticipate it.

However, this still leaves fans to wonder about the fate of 2PM. The remaining members of the group have not discussed any details regarding their own military enlistment, and without all the members present, a full group comeback is impossible. During the press showcase, Taecyeon acknowledged and addressed this issue stating, "We don't have that many members and there are many possibilities that we have to shorten the activity of 2PM. But we are going to do our best to ensure that 2PM stays relevant. Nichkhun won't be enlisting regardless, so he is a definite shoo-in for a sub unit. Jun K hyung will be enlisting in January 2017 and our schedules have been planned to that time."

Although the absence of Taecyeon and Jun K will be unfortunate, fans can be excited about the promising possibility of a 2PM sub-unit. Until then, however, we can enjoy Taecyeon and his amazing acting in Let's Fight Ghost right here on Dramafever starting on July 11. 


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How did you react to Taecyeon's enlistment news? Would you look forward to a 2PM sub-unit? Are you excited for Let's Fight Ghost? Let us know in the comments below!