Recently Kim Jaejoong, actor, member of JYJ, and solo artist, held a concert in Gwangju, South Korea where he enchanted thousands of fans with his voice and stage presence. Now, a lot of you aren’t really into the K-pop scene so you usually only see Idols in drama roles and not on stage. Jaejoong, as we all know, has been in dramas like Protect the Boss and Time Slip Dr. Jin where he looked painfully hot in each. However! Jaejoong as an Idol is a totally different type of kitten who possesses sex appeal and tacky, fabulous fashion that would make almost anyone develop a fetish for leather, animal print, and fur. Below are twelve photos of our precious JJ from his Gwangju concert looking wonderfully messy in his animal-print-and-fur-with-no-shirt-stage-outfits!

12. Hair and Makeup

I'm seriously obsessed with JJ's eyebrows! They're perfectly one shade darker than his hair color. Also notice the tattoo on the left side. I'm not sure if it's real, but I do know the one on the right side of his chest behind his watch is.

11. Lets All Fly Away with JJ

Look at that intricate butterfly mic stand! He was probably singing "Butterfly" here. I'm not sure, but I am 100% sure that this photo is amazing. It's all about the lighting playing off his blond hair and the brown tones in his fur and eyeliner. He looks golden!

10. Always Sneak your Camera In!

Look, it doesn't matter if cameras aren't allowed, bring one anyway! Be a rebel! Stand up to the system and snap as many photos of your bias as possible, and you too can have glorious shots of JJ with his perfect jawline, bare chest, and magnificent fur! I applaud the fan who took this photo!

9. Pet, Pet

Ugh! There is just something really, really hot about guys in fur! JJ always wears fur, and that's why personally he's always been at the top of my bias list. Like, don't even get me started on the amount of JJ fur freakouts I've had on twitter o_0. Anyway! His hair and eyebrows are totally amazing, I can't even handle it. Can you?!

8. He's Sexy and He Knows it!

I wonder if he practices this pose during rehearsal because its perfection! By the wayyy, SKINSHIP WITH THE MIC!" target="_blank">Rain is back! Watch his hilarious return on 2 Days 1 Night!

7. RAWR!

First of all, I want the front of my hair to look like that, it's so good :/ Also, doesn't he just look so awesome in animal print?

6. Black and White

I think black and white concert photos are the best. It really captures every detail and facial expression of the artist.

5. Idol Style

This is what is referred to as "Idol Style." It's when an Idol wears something that stands out so much you just want to buy it for yourself. See that long animal print cardigan?! I swear a few weeks ago I was looking at one similar but it was chiffon fabric and I didn't get it! Now JJ is making me hate myself for not getting it -_-


Sorry but you cant get any better than a sequin and leather jacket, no shirt, and leopard spotted printed pants. #JaejoongIsALifeRuiner

3. Slow Down

Let's all take a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as JJ's jawline and pretty hands. I know! It sounds soo creepy I'm talking about his hands, but guess who doesn't care? #IHeartJaeJoongMoreThanYOU

2. Profile

Ugh! look at that side profile and flat tummy. He should be in a rock star drama. In fact, I just created another fabulous K-drama storyline in my head! Imagine if it were JJ and No Min Woo in a drama together! #Drool

1. Teach them Early On

Because of this super, super cute little girl's love for JJ, she will always have good taste and high standards in guys! (photo:

After scrolling through all those fab photos, who besides me wishes they could see Jaejoong in concert?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE