Let's Talk Kdrama comes early this week with a special Father's Day-themed post. For Mother's Day, we put together a list of the most memorable Kdrama mothers. We wanted to do something similar for the dads, but it was difficult to find fathers worth featuring because (and correct me if I'm wrong) the role of fathers in kdramas don't seem to be as prevalent as those of mothers. So we've decided to try something new -- to commemorate Father's Day, we're handing out awards to five kdrama fathers and father figures who truly go above and beyond their paternal duties. Without further ado, Let's Talk Kdrama presents the Kdrama Dad Awards! [Potential Spoilers]

1.Gil Ik Sun: Father With Best Lifesaving and Matchmaking Skills

secret garden father

In Secret Garden, Gil Ik Sun dies while saving the life of his only child's future love interest. As if that's not enough, in his afterlife, he uses awesome mystery magic to hook up his daughter with the rich and charismatic Kim Joo Won. Nicely played Dad -- heroic and he knows how to pick out the right man.

2. Oh Seung Gun: Best Master Chef and Mentor Father

gourmet father

In Gourmet, Sung Chan is a rebellious, but ambitious young chef whose talent is lovingly nurtured by his adoptive father, Chef Oh. Even when rivalry, jealousy, and betrayal drives Sung Chan away from the restaurant world, Chef Oh's voice remains Sung Chan's constant guide to peace of mind and love for food.

3. Shin Il Shik: Most Dedicated and Resilient Father

49 days father

Shin Il Shik is a wealthy and successful CEO in 49 Days, but he's hit with a double dose of devastation when 1) his daughter ends up in a coma 2) he discovers he has cancer. Despite the uncertainty of his daughter's fate and his own, Il Shik fights to survive and continues to hope that both he and his daughter will be okay. Cheers to this admirable and brave father.

4. Kim Yi Han: Father You'd Most Like to Claim As Your Own

manny kim yi han Professional Manny Kim Yi Han (Manny = male nanny) is too good to be true. He's good looking, caring, and has excellent insight into children. What's the catch? He's not actually anyone's dad. Single mother Seo Do Young is lucky enough to have this man look after her children, but will the manny become someone's actual father at last?

5. Goo Ja Chul: Funniest and Most Loveable Father

greatest love tracksuit

There are several reasons we love Goo Ae Jung's father from the currently-airing hit Greatest Love. First of all, he wears Hyun Bin's tracksuit (see above)! Secondly, he ain't perfect -- in fact, he's materialistic enough to disclaim his daughter in order to get some free goodies. But in the end, his stands up for his daughter "National Ankle Woman" Goo Ae Jung and expresses his fatherly love loud and proud. And this concludes our Kdrama Dad Awards. Comment below if we overlooked a worthy father.