Irish actor Liam Neeson has arrived in Korea for a two-week movie shoot for the film Operation Chromite, reports said Tuesday. It will be the first time Neeson has made a movie in Korea, although he has made several promotional trips.

In Operation Chromite, Neeson will play American general Douglas MacArthur, who commanded the United Nations Command during the 1950-53 Korean War. The movie will center on a secret intelligence unit that spied on North Korea to prepare for the historic Battle of Incheon. This battle saved South Korea from the brink of defeat and played a decisive role in pushing the North back.

Neeson, widely known in Korea for the blockbuster Taken, will be staying at the W Seoul Walkerhill in eastern Seoul.

Operation Chromite will be directed by John H. Lee and will also star Korean actor Lee Jung Jae, who most recently had a role in Assassination opposite Jeon Ji Hyun.

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