Maybe I’m just totally messed up in the head but I love K-Drama “Love Triangles” to the point I secretly long for one. I suppose I could benefit from a few sessions with a therapist no doubt about it; but wouldn’t you love to have two extremely good looking guys fighting over who loves you more? I sure would! In fact I’d encourage it daily. I might even send morning text messages like “Hey guys I’m still really confused about my feelings (insert sad face emoticon). Maybe if you made a scene today in front of a bunch of random people it might help me decide”. Usually in K-Dramas the girl gets to choose between two good looking guys who are both well off (most of the time) and have totally opposite personalities. But ok, as much as its fun and you have amazing eye candy caring about you and doing nice things for you; isn’t it still totally stressful!? I mean I’ve seriously had days where I’ve woken up with a list of pros and cons of each guy from a drama swimming around in my head! I literally would sit and wonder who I’d choose. Some of the most stressful and interesting love triangles to me have been from Goong, Boys over Flowers and My Fair Lady.

In Goong I had to decide between Prince Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) and Prince Yul (Kim Jung Hoon)...I chose Prince Shin because at the time Shin was better looking plus he was the Crown Prince.

In Boys over Flowers there was Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Yoon Jihoo (Kim Hyun Joong).This was the most stressful considering I liked them both and they were both seriously hot. I ended up choosing Gu Jun Pyo because his need for an anger management class was a total turn on (don’t even judge me -_-).

Now My Fair Lady was interesting because it was Butler Seo (Yoon Sang Hyun) and the lawyer Lee Tae Yoon (Jung Il Woo). I liked Butler Seo’s personality a lot but I liked Tae Yoon’s looks more. So it was tough deciding between looks and personality considering I’m super shallow by nature and I’ve been trying to be a better person (I swear I have!). Well I ended up blocking my self improvement efforts for a moment and going with Tae Yoon. Come onnnn! He’s really hot even if he does have a totally plastic look and how cute is it to say his name with “sshi” at the end?!?! Say it with me… Taeeeeee Yooon-sshiiii SUPER FLIPPIN CUTE RIGHT?!?!


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