I get it. We all get lonely from time to time, but some people can get a little desperate in their desire to find a partner. When loneliness gets to a point where you're willing to buy the life-size cotton husband or wife doll just released in Japan, it's time to take a long look at yourself in the mirror.

Marriage may be overrated, but loneliness is not. All people need companionship at one point or other, but some need it way more than others. In Japan, to help those lonely souls who've pretty much given up on love and even finding a partner, any partner, novelty goods company Bibi Labs just released husband and wife life-sized dolls filled with cotton, respectively named Wata Yome (cotton wife) and Wata Danna (cotton husband). With either of these dolls, you can go home after a long day at the office and know you'll have a body to cuddle. It won't respond, but you can even talk to it if you wish. It is your spouse, after all.

Loneliness sucks, and it can be depressing, but realizing that you paid good money (10,800 yen for the husband, 8400 yen for the wife) to buy a giant cotton spouse will probably depress you more than just being lonely. Oh well, you can always cuddle your spouse doll if it gets too much.

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