To commemorate the upcoming live action movie "THE NEXT GENERATION - PATLABOR", a life-size model of INGRAM AV-98 was put on display overlooking Tokyo Bay.

Standing eight meters tall, INGRAM AV-98 towers over everyone. Built specifically for actual use in the movie production, this is about as real as it gets. He is in Deck-up stance, standing upright after being pulled up from his sleep position. Shoppers at the Toyosu Shopping Center and PATLABOR fans were treated to the spectacle of INGRAM slowly rising up to the orders of the actress and actor who star in the movie. As the actors called out "PATLABOR! Deck up!" and "PATLABOR dispatch!", INGRAM got in position.

The PATLABOR series is taking place in the Tokyo Bay area so Toyosu was an ideal location for the event. With the director and stars watching, INGRAM stood tall over Tokyo Bay, ready to protect and defend.

The series will be divided into 7 chapters and be shown in separate screenings in movie theaters throughout the year. The highly anticipated live action feature is scheduled for release sometime in May of 2015. An exciting year for PATLABOR fans.