Life Special Investigation Team Korean DramaUhm Ki Joon, a famous musical actor who has been building a successful drama career in recent years (Good Job, Good Job, Dream High) is an eccentric insurance agent in this sparkly weekend drama. Only 12 episodes, Life Special Investigation Team follows an insurance investigation team as they track down criminals and con artists, beating them at their own game. Written with unusual wit, the more episodic structure allows for solid story plots and the actors to play off each other with a natural chemistry. Shim Eun Jin (Swallow the Sun, Star's Lover) co-stars. Park Chan Ho (played by Uhm Ki Joon) is a gifted insurance investigator with a love/hate relationship for three things: alcohol, women, and con artists. Joo Kang Lee (Shim Eun Jin) is a driven, no-nonsense investigator who is also a gifted liar. When they're paired together, the criminals of Korea don't stand a chance. Alongside their quirky team of colleagues, from the neurotic Gong Chul Soo to the paranoid Bae Dong Shik, they track down the truth and get through the day, living life as a special investigation team. Watch LIFE SPECIAL INVESTIGATION TEAM online at DramaFever.