French fashion label Louis Vuitton has had its fair share of world-famous celebrities in their campaigns throughout the years, but they found their new face in the world of video games. Lightning, the heroine from Final Fantasy XIII, has signed on to star in the iconic brand's upcoming spring and summer collection.

Designed by character artist Tetsuya Nomura, Lightning, born as Éclair Farron, first appeared in Final Fantasy XIII. Besides being beautiful, she is a strong woman and mysterious, but also known for her cold personality. She has been ranked as one of the best characters in the entire series, proving that "a delicate balance can exist between strength and tenderness," according to game and entertainment media company IGN. It was because these characteristics, her sense of style, and her worldwide fame that Louis Vuitton took the rare step of using a fictional character as the face of their brand.

Lightning herself seems flattered at having been chosen to represent the world's most valuable luxury brand. “My attire was always ‘equipment’ for the purpose of keeping me alive, so I never gave any thought to appearance or accessorization. Because of that, I might not be the best-suited person for the role of [fashion] ambassador. But dressed like I am for the ads, I think I’ve started to realize something. Choosing your fashion, not having someone else decide on it for you, but selecting the apparel that’s just right for your tastes, is how we present ourselves to others in this world. It’s a thrilling sensation, like going to a land you’ve never been to before. Louis Vuitton has guided me to a new fantasy. I’m looking forward to this experience from the bottom of my heart.”

Louis Vuitton and Final Fantasy . . . who would have thought?

Lightning and Louis Vuitton for Spring and Summer 2016


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