In Shanghai, international celebrities were invited to the 2nd Annual Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards to be awarded top honors for influencing fashion, including Nicky Wu, Angelbaby, Lynn Hung, Jo In Sung... and surprisingly, Lindsay Lohan.

Before you jump to conclusions, Lindsay Lohan was indeed at the right awards ceremony and she was honored for her contribution to style. After accepting the award, she said, "Thank you so much. This is my first time in Shaghai, and what better way to be here than for this. Thank you so much. It's a wonder to be here and I hope to be here soon again."

She definitely showed up dressed to impress wearing a stylish Balmain luxe green devoré-velvet mini dress with peaked, padded shoulders.

And you thought she was just a troublemaker. Now, she's a legit, stylish troublemaker!