We've all heard stories of people waking up at their own funerals. I can't even start to imagine the feeling families and friends go through when supposedly dead loved ones come back to life. A short video from the Philippines captured the moment of a three-year-old girl waking up at her own funeral, for possibly the first time in the world a moment like this has been recorded.

A three year old girl from Mindanao in the Philippines was proclaimed dead by her doctor when he found no pulse after she had suffered from a very high fever for days. Her grief-stricken family made funeral arrangements, and everybody was in mourning at her funeral, when suddenly someone noticed that the girl had moved her head. After finding that she indeed still had a pulse, the father picked her up and headed straight to the hospital. <

This is what you call a miracle.

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No word yet on how this little girl is doing. Fingers crossed that she's okay, and hopefully she'll recover completely from her sickness and live a full and healthy life.