hwangminwoo Known as "Little Psy," Hwang Min Woo, who was featured in Psy's internationally recognized song "Gangnam Style," opened up about haters and hater comments on a recent episode of SBS's One Night TV Entertainment. He said, "When I see hater comments, I get really upset. I can take comments that criticize me. But when I saw comments that were directed towards my mother, I cried a lot." It was once reported that Hwang Min Woo request that he not be asked about his Vietnamese mother, who recently achieved her citizenship in Korea. But the young entertainer kept his spirits up when he answered, "I'm not scared (to perform on stage). I like to dance so I just think of how I have to work harder. I'm always singing and dancing so people would say, 'He can only dance, he's not smart.' But I study really hard. I recently became the class president." Netizen comments were filled with sympathy and outrage. One netizens said, "Honestly, you guys shouldn't target kids. What are his faults, he's just a kid who likes to dance." What are your thoughts on hater comments? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)