The eight-year-old Hwang Min Woo made his mark as "Little Psy," and now he is on his way to become a bigger star. In an interview with Korea Times last year, Hwang Min Woo said that his dream was to become a pop legend like Michael Jackson. Now his ambition is to become internationally recognized like Psy and make songs as popular as "Gangnam Style." During the launch ceremony of his debut "Show+Time," he said "I will do my best to join the US Billboard Charts Top 10 with this album." Apparently Psy bought him three sunglasses to celebrate his debut. His debut song "Show+Time" will be a dance track with an electronic sound and rap. His agency, Star Zone Entertainment, said that news of Hwang Min Woo's album has already caught the attention of music promoters in other Asian countries where Korean pop music is widely popular. His album is scheduled to release sometime this month. Do you think Little Psy will be as successful as his inspiration?