Adult Sailor Moon fans are sure to be excited about this! Peach John, a women's lingerie company, recently announced a new line of bras, panties and pajamas that feature a collaboration with the hit manga series, Sailor Moon. Set to release in February of 2014, the line features several lingerie sets from your favorite Sailor Moon characters including Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and of course Sailor Moon. Each set is meticulously made and features a ribbon on the front and back.

The retail price of the sets run around 4,980 yen, or about $49 dollars. The sets also come with a stylish ribbon choker. You can buy pajama sets, bra and panties sets, or just strictly panties. Each pajama set features a t-shirt and shorts. Check out the pics of the super cool new lingerie below!

Complete Sailor Moon set for under $50!

Beautiful Sailor Mars set!

Sailor Venus! So cool!

Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Jupiter!

Sailor Moon pajamas set for around $50.

Matching bra and panties for around $40.

Sailor Moon panties, $18 each.