When you watch a drama, the beginning is always more fun. Why is that? Lee Min Ho  explains as he gives advice to people in their twenties.

Last Friday at the global luggage retailer Samsonite's talk concert, 300 lucky fans met actor Lee Min Ho, who rose to an international stardom with romantic dramas like Boys over Flowers and Heirs, in person. 

In the talk titled "RED Say with Lee Min Ho," which celebrates Samsonite's new red label, Lee Min Ho told fans in their twenties some advice, which was based on what he learned from his own twenties.

1. Find what you love to do

Lee Min Ho believes twenties is a time to go through trials and errors. Through that, you find what you like to do. 

"I had a lot of trials and errors (in my twenties)," Lee Min Ho said, "Twenties is a period you don’t even know what you want to do. Everything is unstable — emotionally, socially, and financially." 

He recalled the hardest year in his life when he was 20. His first love had failed, and he had gotten into a car accident. He was hospitalized for the whole year, and his doctor said he might not be able to walk again.

He compares the twenties to the first few episodes of a drama.

“When you watch a drama, the beginning is always more appealing," Lee Min Ho said, "But when I finally get older and think back on my twenties, I will for sure think about the trials and errors I experienced."

2. Sleep wins over stressing

Lee Min Ho thinks sleeping is the only way to win over stress. He shared that he can sleep 8 to 12 hours when undisturbed. He’s a back sleeper, lying on his back with arms down.

3. Your ideal perfect partner will change

"Every year, my idea of Ms. Right changes, and the good looks got out of my priority at one moment,” Lee Min Ho said.

His current Ms. Right is not someone who’s pretty at first sight, but someone with a cute personality.

4. Embrace your loneliness

Although the life of a star looks flashy and pompous, "I’ve felt lonely to the point of gasping for breath,” Lee Min Ho said.

The disparity between his career and times he’s surrounded by people versus his personal life and the times he goes back to his dark, cold home, made him realize that when he receives a lot of love, he needs to give a lot of love in return.

“I feel happy when I receive love, and also when I give love,” Lee Min Ho said, mentioning the charity platform Promiz (PMZ) he and his fans created to share the love with the world.

Watch Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye's Heirs below:

5. Think bigger picture

“There are issue-making bestseller books that are read by a lot of people at one time. Then there are books that are read for decades,” Lee Min Ho said, comparing him to a book that’s cherished over time.

“I’d have to fill the book with quality content so people take it out of their bookshelves from time to time,” Lee Min Ho said, hinting that thinking the bigger picture is a crucial part of the twenties.

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