lobbyist_newsLed by megastar Song Il Gook (Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind), this high-budget, high-production drama delves into international arms dealing. It was postponed for a week when it originally aired because of fears that it might impact a sensitive summit talk between South and North Korea. One of the more expensive dramas ever made, it was shot in locations all over the world.

In the mid 1980s, Harry, or Kim Joo Ho (Song Il Gook) grows up in a quiet fishing village along with his friend Maria (Jang Jin Young). When Harry’s father, an Army commander, is killed by a spy from North Korea, he and his sister Suzie move to America to live with their uncle. When their uncle molests Suzie, Harry takes her and runs away from home. Maria, meanwhile, has also emigrated to America with her father, who works a bus driver until he is suddenly killed in a mugging.

Ten years later, Maria has become a bus driver like her father, while her sister Eva works at the naval intelligence agency in Washington D.C. When she meets Eva's boyfriend Kang Tae Hyuk (Han Jae Suk), a skilled lobbyist and head of a major munitions company in Korea, she begins to fall for him.  Harry, meanwhile, has been working odd jobs while trying to keep his sister safe from the Mafia, which has grown tangled up in their lives.

When the wife of the Mafia boss offers Harry a  place in the mob, he has little choice but to accept... Meanwhile, Maria learns that the FBI is investigating Eva on suspicion of trying to steal sensitive military secrets. When her sister is mysteriously killed, Maria sets out to find her murderers and take revenge, as she and Harry's paths cross again...

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