Chibatman, a mysterious and quiet local hero who moves and looks exactly like Batman, first rose to fame when he was spotted riding on his motorbike in full costume through his hometown. Now he has spoken in public for the first time, giving a speech at the official Coming of Age ceremony for the city of Chiba.

Invited by the city to speak to the young men and women who turned 20 and legally became adults this past year, Chibatman's voice was heard in public for the very first time, where he got as much attention for appearing at the official ceremony the real Batman would have — possibly even more. Initially not appreciated by the local authorities for his evasive and attention-grabbing conduct, he eventually won the support of law enforcement and has now become the city's face of the ideal adult, speaking to inspire the young men and women of Chiba who will represent and build the city's future. City officials must have decided that Chibatman was the type of adult they wanted residents to aspire to become, even though Chibatman doesn't actually do anything. After congratulating the attendees in his low Chibatman voice, he got on his trike and sped away to his hideout, which is still a mystery.

If the tweets sent out by attendees during the ceremony are any indication, he is definitely a legitimate superhero now. "I can't believe it! It's Chibatman!!" 

Unlike Batman, Chibatman bows

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Chibatman speaks, officials listen

On his way home