From the Queen's Vantage Point:

When it comes to where to film a Kdrama series, the beauty of Korea shines above any that ever seen in Hollywood.  Three of the most beautiful places in Korea, from the Queen’s vantage point, are Seoul, Incheon, and JeJu Island.  The beauty of nature shines through in the blue waters of these cities, and the commerce is not hard to spot.  No wonder JeJu Island is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.  The waterfalls and the dormant volcano which is the island on the southern part of the coast of Korea is hard to miss.  The tallest mountain in Korea, Hallassan, can be found here.  Anyone who gets the opportunity to travel to Korea would do themselves an injustice to miss JeJu Island. Your trip to Jehu should definitely include a stop at one of the beautiful beaches there.  This place is a wonderful pick for first time lovers or honeymooners.  It would be hard to miss the sites and the amenities JeJu has to offer even for those deeply in love with each other.

Another very picturesque place in Korea is Incheon.  It was here that General Douglas McArthur staged his landing behind enemy lines in 1950.  This led to the defeat of the North Koreans.  When you go to Incheon, you will find that there are many beachside hotels, but from the Queen’s vantage point, the place to stay is the Hyatt Regency Incheon.  Just minutes away from downtown Seoul, and the Incheon International Airport, the city a major trade center with North East Asia is located on the Yellow Sea. Be sure to visit Munhak Stadium where some of the games of the 2002 World Cup Matches were played.

What would a visit to Korea be without a stop in Seoul, one of the most gracious cities in Korea and a leader in politics and economy?  This truly wonderful metropolis is the hub for technology, local and international trade, and for education.  In Seoul, there are many great sightseeing opportunities.  Cheong Wa Dae or Blue House, is here at 1330 Call Center.  This equivalent of the White House in the United States is open to tours and even gives access to tourists for taking pictures and daily tours.  Guests can see the beautiful flowers and the Seven Palaces, and the fountain outside.  Tours are allowed along the Nokjuiwon and Mygundhwa Valley.  The best dates to see the flowers in bloom are from July to October.

For the time being, those of us unable to travel to these beautiful places in person, can see them in all their splendor in such dramas as City Hunter, You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, Spy Myung Wol, Thorn Birds, Baby Faced Beauty, My Princess, Coffee Prince,Young Love Jae In, and many others.  It may be hard, but take your eyes off of your favorite star or starlet, and just look at the breathtaking background around them.  The beauty of the natural settings even outshines the beautiful homes and clothes that the stars wear.  Nothing beats Mother Nature and she is at the height of her glory in Kdrama.  No backdrop can match the natural splendor of Korea.  From the Queen’s vantage point, the folks who scout location really do a great job!

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