We all know that half the fun of watching Kdramas is ranting and raving to your friends after each episode ends...or to random strangers on the internet who are tracking the same tags as you. It's nice to know that someone else shares our feels, whether they be about an OTP that will never be, or how angry you are about a finale.

Here are some of the best and most relatable Kdrama reactions found online:

Basically everyone's reaction to the first teaser for Heirs. Just remember, it's okay, baby.

Someone who understands our constant inner turmoil.

"ACTORS!!!!!!!!!" The only way to put it.

Some dramas hit every feel we have...

...and some destroy them all.

It's best not to look too far into the details, but sometimes we just can't help it.

The tags say it all.

The most beautiful poem of the 21st century.

Some people even take videos of their reactions! They were watching Coffee Prince, so we can all relate.

I had to add in snippets of conversations with my friend Nicole, considering they are what inspired this post.

If only.

And that's what it really all comes down to.

So, where do you go to vent after you finish each episode? Social media? Your friends? Curse-filled emails to the directors? Hm, maybe I should try that.

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A big thanks to everyone whose reactions I used!