Even though we live in a time in which we have access to Skype and other video chat options, living thousands of miles apart from the love of your life can still be very difficult. But a young Korean couple has figured out how to be together and stay in love despite the vast distance between them by sharing and creating photos that connect each other through their experiences of everyday life.

Danbi Shin lives in New York City, and her boyfriend, Seok Lik, lives in Seoul. So no matter how much of life they want to share with each other, the almost 7000 miles between them makes that physically impossible. But being so in love, the creative couple came up with their very own solution to the long distance problem. By creating photos that show them being together in spirit, they showed that love and art really do conquer all. Danbi and Seok know a thing or two about art. Besides being lovers, they are a collaborative artist couple who call themselves ShinLiArt, and sharing their everyday art with their audience is part of their mission. You can check out their website at http://www.shinli-art.com, or you can follow their Instagram, at https://www.instagram.com/shinliart/.

A long-distance relationship is hard for anybody, but it looks like Danbi and Seok not only found a way to make it work, but even learned how to have fun while being in one by making some cool art together along the way.

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