Actress and professional boxer, Lee Si Young recently posted a cute selca showing off her new long hairstyle. It’s actually been awhile since she had long hair, and she looks good with it. She’s actually one of those people who can pull off both long and short hairstyles depending on how it’s actually styled.

In her last drama, Wild Romance, she was sporting a short permed hairstyle, remember that?! I remember it clearly because when Wild Romance was on, B.A.P debuted around the same time and I was like, “Oh snap! She has the same hair as Zelo!”

Photo Proof anddd I'm still laughing over this.

This photo was taken while Lee SI Young was waiting for a flight. Her hair is short but flat ironed and chic.

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Honestly her hair was everything during the K-Drama The Birth of the Rich. It was long and wavy and full of body. Those were some good hair extensions for sure!

Lee Si Young and her long hair are currently filming the upcoming movie, God's Trick about a chess player who supposedly makes a big comeback.

So what do you think? Are you loving the long hair, or are you hoping for a short hair comeback?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE