Halloween is right around the corner. Take some last-minute inspiration from the glamour girls of Heirs. Finish off any look — from Krystal Jung's signature schoolgirl ensemble to Kim Ji Won's haute couture — with a popping pink lip.

For Kim Ji Won's character Rachel Yoo: Don't be afraid to go all out! Rachel demands attention, and so should you. Mix in Cranberry to give your color more depth.

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For Park Shin Hye's character Cha Eun Sang: This color is a bit more purple; lean a bit more on Pink Pizzazz. If you're feeling really adventurous, experiment with some Berry Jam.

For Krystal Jung's character Lee Bo Na: This look is all about the gradient effect. For the pouty, bitten look, begin applying the combination from the inside of the bottom lip and brush out. Just be sure to keep it off your teeth!

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