Sandara Park

Sandara Park from 2NE1 has been working as YG Family's PR manager lately and yesterday she revealed her phone number! You can imagine the number of calls she got. She was actually answering some of them for several hours. Apparently many have attempted to seduce her to no avail. Here's her number if you wanna try your luck! (She does speak English!)

Sandara Park Business Card She left a comment about her phone getting exploded. Sandara Park Phone Messages New Messages: 7671 messages "This is what my phone looks like right now...T.T People don't sleep apparently. Also, so many calls and text messages are exploding my phone...I replied on some, but it's too slow. Phone won't even work, I think this just got bricked! I want to talk on the phone...yawnz. Anyway, I'm off for some food. nomnom!"