Key is a skincare whiz!

Over the weekend, the Lookout star indirectly coached his online followers (aka little freaks) on how to properly take care of your skin during the scorching summer months. He shared a photo and video of himself via Instagram choosing the natural facial mask of the day and wearing it. 

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Fans were able to see the amazing results of his grapefruit mask in the airplane photos that succeeded them. 

The 25 year-old idol is winning big time in the acting department with the action-packed, crime series Lookout as the follow-up to his hilarious series Let's Drink last fall. He is balancing a successful singing and acting career perfectly! The SHINee member never forgets to check in with his fandom online during his brief moments of downtime. 

Since his Lookout series started a few weeks ago, what do you think of his portrayal of Gong Kyung Soo so far? Does it surpasses his previous K-drama character?

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Source: Key's Instagram account



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