Do you recognize these talented actors in Lookout? Also known as The Guardians, the thrilling new drama brings together an ensemble of stars from famous dramas, such as Boys Over FlowersAnswer Me 1988Oh My GhostessPinocchio, and more, to play ingenious operatives who bring criminals to justice. Take a look and see how well your K-drama memory is serving you.

1. Lee Si Young - Most K-drama fans probably first noticed her from Boys Over Flowers. The memorable young actress has continued on to become a leading lady and even an amateur boxing champion. In Lookout, she joins the crime-fighting group after a personal tragedy. It also appears that she is doing quite a few action scenes herself in Lookout.

2. Kim Young Kwang - He really shined as the second male lead and rookie reporter in Pinocchio. His new role as a dapper prosecutor with a hidden identity as a secret crime fighter is both intriguing and charming. 

3. Kim Seul Gi - The young actress touched us with a heart-wrenching performance in Oh My Ghostess. Here, she takes charge as a behind-the-scenes controller at her bank of monitors to ensure a successful mission.

4. Kim Tae Hoon - The popular actor has appeared in many movies and dramas. You can easily find him in dramas such as One More Happy Ending and My Love Eun Dong. He is a righteous prosecutor in Lookout.

5. Kim Sun Young - The versatile actress was recently the stressed-out daughter-in-law in Father, I'll Take Care of You and the mom to Go Kyung Pyo's Sun Woo in Answer Me 1988, among her many interesting roles. She is now a detective in Lookout.

6. Kim Ki Bum, known as SHINEE’s Key - The talented K-pop singer just debuted in acting in the 2016's Let's Drink (aka Drinking Solo), playing a student who tried to pass the civil exam for three years. Here he looks quite different with a fuzzy hairstyle, but you'll recognize his distinct voice.


7. Shin Dong Wook - The heartthrob from Soulmate is back after 7 years of absence from K-dramaland. He had to cut short his military service and career when he was diagnosed with an extremely rare illness known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS). (Read more HERE.) He plays a mysterious role in Lookout's crime-fighting team. 

Who else do you recognize from other dramas?

As an action thriller, Lookout is giving off strong City Hunter and Healer vibes. What do you think? 



Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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Are you enjoying Lookout? Which character is your favorite?

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