Well, Gang, we’re getting caught up on Lost Love in Times which means we’ve got a lot of ground to cover because let’s face it, there is never a dull moment in this show. A show riddled with carefully plotted and perfectly executed entrapment, a web of love triangle’s that we’ll soon need math degrees to figure out and lead characters that never cease to amaze us. As the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” and there are plenty of strong wills in this show. Join Wendilynn and I (we’re silently hating on Deshonda for being at KCON LA last week) as we discuss the serious intricacies of this amazing Chinese drama.

Aunnie: Let’s talk about the fun stuff first; like this light-hearted brotherly competition that’s happening to try and win Qing Chen’s affections? It’s finally nice to see an easy going banter that doesn’t result in leads (first or second male leads) fighting to the death all for the sake of love. I’m enjoying just watch this play out---even if slightly heart broken for Zhan knowing he’s going to inevitably lose this competition.

Wendilynn: Zhan is killing me. This show made us dislike him and now he’s adorable. So far, he’s not even in charge of the evil sorceresses in this timeline. He’s just so darn likable that not even Ling has the heart to take Qing Chen from him.


Aunnie: I think Zhan was beautifully written, it’s so calm and peaceful in this timeline and observant! I mean, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t observant in this drama---except maybe Li {by-the-by, when Ling finds out Li is staying on his manor? I rewound it several times because his face was too priceless}. To see all the brother’s together is pretty heartwarming (usually they’re all vying for the crown so it’s nice that they aren’t all at each other’s throats i..e. Scarlet Heart, anyone?) It just makes the truth about Ming that much more heartbreaking . . .

Wendilynn: Ming wasn’t really a good guy in the first timeline either. But his heartbreak over his dead wife makes you want to understand him, even if the boy is now evil. The stunt he’s pulling with his sister in law and his own brother is making my stomach turn.


Aunnie: A lot of the brothers were good guys in the first timeline so it’s disheartening to know that Ming didn’t get a reset button either, although to see his affection for his dead wife at least makes me pity him enough that I want to try and understand him. That just makes me wonder how much more of this timeline will not correlate with the last one. I mean, Ling’s mama is still alive? Whuuut? (I’m sure she’ll play a larger role going forward because right now she seems chill just hanging out in her manor).

Wendilynn: Ling is such a good man, it makes me want to think well of his Mom. After all, we know she was the wife of the previous King. However, there is a scene in either the opening or closing credits where she is laughing maniacally, so this could go either way. I have to feel for Qing Chen and her confusion in this new timeline. As I try to keep up with all the love triangles and who is bad and who is good and how it's different from the last timeline, I just feel off balance. But they are telling this story so well. No rushing. Each moment unveils itself piece by piece. Zhan and Ling are proving a great team. I don’t want to see them broken up.

Aunnie: Speaking of love triangles, there are like 5 or 6 open lines of love going on simultaneously, it’s getting harder to keep straight. We’ve got Zhan->Qing Chen->Ling and Ming->Qing Chen, Crown Prince->House Errand Girl-----which confuses me because who is she actually in love with, the Crown Prince or….Ming? And then A-Chai Princess->Ling….man...is that even all of them? I feel like we’re missing---oh oh oh, I don’t care what you say, Li is totally into his guardian (I'm not even sure if he is aware of her gender yet but….she certainly has feels for him)

LLT e15  unlock.jpg

Wendilynn: Li and the hidden sorceress guarding him is pretty funny. I think the moment he discovers she’s female and gets those black eyes they show in the beginning is going to be a pretty funny scene. Li is a very interesting character. He seems to enjoy pranking his brothers so none of them think to take him seriously. Stays under their radar. However, when Ling tied him up and took him to the astronomy bureau I laughed a lot. AS for our triangles...I think the one that hurts me the most is Ming’s stunt cashing in on the love his sister in law has for him, so he’s manipulated her to make the Crown Prince fall in love with her. Just makes me sick. The Crown Prince doesn’t deserve that at all.

Aunnie: Yeah, Ming is pretty manipulative in this timeline, the last timeline he seemed to just be a pawn but now that he’s the brains, this does bring a sort of despicable element to his character, but his love for his wife makes you almost, almost want to forget how evil he really is being. I still think Zhan’s mother takes the cake though, as far as owning the top ranking for the Most Evil Character so far. I do have a question, remember when she was talking to that one….God? After she activated the reset button, did that guy explain that flower thing Qing Chen is holding within her----because if he did, I missed it because the only theory I have about the flower is that if a member of the imperial family dies, she loses more petals….so what happens after that flower loses all its petals...do we go back to the original timeline?

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I didn’t understand the flower at all. I figured it had something to do with the reset, but I don’t remember it being explained. Or I missed it. But I think that if the flower dies, so does she. That flower seems to represent the sacrifices she must make.

Aunnie: she was kind of dealt a crappy hand with this reset, to be honest. I mean, I realize you can’t hope to change the outcome of time without making some serious sacrifices but I somehow don’t think this timeline was what she was expecting to happen when she reset time, there seems to be waaaaaay more issues this time around, no lie. These sorceresses being the most problematic---that fight scene though, Qing Chen needs no saving!!

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, that was awesome!! Qing Chen is no wilting violet. That was an awesome fight scene for a supernatural fight scene where everyone twirls around. *chuckles* Seriously though, with those huge robes, that takes some serious choreography. If anyone is clueless that our girl can kick butt, that would put it to rest.

Llt e17  fight.png

Aunnie: She’s definitely no damsel in distress, which is amazingly refreshing, however . . . let’s talk about the rather foolish things she has done. Like the time she changed into Liang’s soldier clothes….or….heck….ADDING THE TATTOO THAT MARKS HER AS A POTENTIAL TRAITOR TO HER WRIST WITHOUT CONSULTING HER TWO COHORTS (Ling & Zhan) SO THAT AT LEAST SOMEONE KNOWS SHE’S NOT A TRAITOR!! Gah!

Wendilynn: I’m with you. I think pretending to be the missing second daughter of the Feng family is going to backfire badly. Especially since I have the suspicion that the real second daughter and our dead older sister have something to do with how Ming got involved with the black sorcerers in the first place. Which reminds me…. Did you catch how Ming pretended to be a woman to free Wu Ping Ting and in doing so he happens to drop a blue sachet that just happens to belong to a little girl who mysteriously disappeared after helping prince Ji? I”m thinking Ming has been rather gifted for a long time.

LLTe18  facade.png

Aunnie: Oh I’m glad you brought that up for a couple of reasons. One, I hadn’t realized it was Ming who dressed up, so I’m glad you clarified that for me and two, I really, really, REALLY want to know who that little girl was and how she managed to get the King to show up at Ji’s mother’s memorial….she must have some serious sway with the king. And lastly, Is it just me or are they pronouncing Jiu as “Jiu’er” and does that bring back any feelz for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms? Because it sure as heck does for me. I’m still jilted about how that relationship “ended”.

Wendilynn: Nope, you are not the only one. And that gave me feels because Dilraba and Zhang are starring in The King’s Woman also showing on DF now. But, my hunch is that little Jiu is really Ming in disguise so I don’t know how cute that really is. I just think we are about to get into some real ugliness and I’m afraid that while Qing Chen is meticulous, they are not prepared for this.

Aunnie: Mind.Blown. I don’t even know how to feel about that theory . . . that’s . . . Well, I guess on that note . . . we’ll have to wait for next episodes but dang Wendilynn, that’s deep!

What do you think of the development of Ming's character as our evil baddie?   And will Zhan stay a good guy or will he also go over to the dark side out of jealousy?  Let us know your feelings in the comments below. 

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