Qing Chen has a plan to expose the dark sorceresses and to redeem The Mages. She has meticulously planned each detail. She’s even convinced ruthless Ming that fixing this injustice will uncover who killed his wife. Zhen and Ling still vie for Qing Chen’s affections even though they all know who will win. Everyone has plans within plans, from the bad guys to the good ones and nobody is being stupid. Join Aunnie, Deshonda and me, Wendilynn as we rejoice in a female lead who hasn’t turned stupid just because she fell in love.

Aunnie: This is gonna sound really condescending but . . . For a woman who is legit not using her good looks or her, how did Ursula once put it, “body language”--Qing Chen is doing a remarkable job manipulating all of these people to help her in her quest to redeem the Mages!

Wendilynn: That’s because they all have something to gain. Of course, Ling and Zhen are doing it for love, but still. That she was able to cash in on Ming’s love for his dead wife was a masterstroke, I thought. Sure, he’s on the bad side, and he’d slice Qing Chen’s throat as soon as look at her, but his weak point IS his dead wife and she was unjustly killed by her own father. I sort of wonder what will happen when Ming learns that fact if he ever does.

LLTe26   bury enemies.png

DeShonda: I absolutely agree with you Aunnie. That’s what I love the most about Qing Chen. She is doing a very good job working everyone. It’s really fantastic to see her in action. I also thought it was a good move to manipulate Ming as well. Ming is going to flip his lid if he finds out what Qing Chen is doing.

Aunnie: I'm glad you mentioned her father, he is an amazing actor both in the show at in real life. The fact that he can be such a sweetheart when he's with her and then talk about killing her when he's not, that's pretty good, evil but good. I've kind of just written off the Yin family and Feng family. I'm still holding out hope for Ming, sad to say. I hope he redeems himself. Although, given his latest order (from daddy dearest), I'm not sure I won't be let down.

Wendilynn: Don’t write off Zhan quite yet, he’s clearly in a holding pattern. However, I think you are right about Ming. He’s out to kill everyone because they all are complicit in the death of his wife. I wish little sister knew that she has no chance in gaining his affections, but as she’s willing to screw over the Crown Prince and get him dethroned, I don’t feel sorry for her much. I don’t think he really needed the King’s order, but by god, he’s got royal permission to do what he was already going to do. And he has an ironclad reason for being in the Meandering Skies.

LLT e27  kill mages.png

DeShonda: I must admit, her father is playing a good and evil very well and I sort of like it. I agree with you Wendilynn, I haven’t written off Zhan yet either. I actually really like him. Ming is a character I love to hate. Yes, he is evil and will kill someone in a heartbeat, but I am hoping for redemption as well. Wendilynn, you are not the only one who doesn't feel sorry for the little sister.

Aunnie: I forgot that Zhan was a Yin for a second. No, he's the one character I love the most--I'm a sucker for 2nd leads, sadly. This King though….any time Ling wants to dethrone him, I'm good and ready. Know who surprises me the most in this drama--Li. Li, aside from the fact that he still hasn't figured out his bodyguard is a woman--he's way smarter than he lets on, and not so “naive and young” as everyone Thinks he is. I think he's going to eventually play a bigger role in the upcoming episodes.

Wendilynn: What surprised me was Li being the 9 stones guardian she fought with. I admit I wasn’t expecting that. We already knew he could do magic, but I really didn’t see that coming. Another viewer pegged it though and I give her props for that. He’s clearly watching over everyone. We also had Qing Chen lose another petal and become insubstantial for a moment. So her time is growing short. This makes me wonder what is really going on that she has so little time in this timeline.


DeShonda: I absolutely love Prince Li! He is my comic relief in this series. I think he is hilarious and I love his personality. He is becoming a favorite character of mine. I love the way he interacts with his bodyguard. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction when he finds out that his bodyguard is really female and not male. I was thinking the same thing Wendilynn, and I was not expecting him to be the nine stones guardian either.

Aunnie: at first, my theory was that if people died in this timeline that she’d lose a petal and that might still be true, considering what happened to her mentor (sad day, by the by) but if it's time-related, maybe she has only so much time to get the two timelines to match up, like get Ling on the throne as he was always meant to be. I couldn't help but have a moment where I thought our heroine was being utterly stupid. When she said “I'll stay by your side always no matter what “ I wanted to shake her and be like “Girl, did you forget why we're even IN this predicament?!?!?”

Wendilynn: Chalking it up to the death scare maybe? Overall though, she hasn’t been all that stupid in this timeline. Nobody has been outright stupid during this new timeline, which has been a breath of fresh air, actually. Everyone had meticulous plans in place and for the most part, they’ve all worked. I don’t think Consort Lian is totally out of the suspect woods given what was etched on that mirror, but having that body double was brilliant. And Mentor Xi Xie isn’t actually dead. They have someone that is dead, but we saw him alive later. Still trapped. He’s not dead.

LLTe28   adversaries.png

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn. I don’t think anyone is being stupid in this timeline as well. The Consort Lian is a piece of work! She is straight up evil. And I am so happy that one of my favorite characters Mentor Xi Xie is not dead. I really want him to get out of the dungeon though.

Aunnie: we saw him alive at some point but I thought he was dead. I will say sometimes the drama confuses me and I just have to go with it and hope it will be explained later. Considering, the complexity of all Qing Chen’s plans, they're all going very smoothly. Makes me wonder when everything is going to start falling apart. It is almost too good to be true at this point. Or maybe Kdramas have ruined me.

Wendilynn: There was a scene after the battle where Lian reminds Xi Xie that although she has lost half her powers, he can’t escape because of the maids who are holding the trap spell in place. And you are right, Aunnie, it would look like it's all going too well. Except for the fact that Feng knows she’s not his real daughter. The King is still trying to kill the Mages and Ming will help him. I can’t really see the show letting Ling and Qing Chen marry happily. I see that being frustrated somehow. We are only halfway so far. Here’s what’s getting me… Consort Lian being Ling’s mother. She used some of her black magic to heal Ling. What sort of hold does she have on her son? He’s a good guy, for sure, but his mother is the leader of the Black Sorceresses. I just don’t see that going well.


DeShonda: I was thinking the same thing. The Consort has something on her son, but what? I’m interested in seeing how this goes as we progress further in this series.

Aunnie: honestly, he has no lost affection for her. That I can see, that is. But the fact that she is making body doubles and has the potential to politically control people, I guess I wouldn't be surprised if she manipulated Ling later. That being said, I also do not believe that Ling and Qing Chen has a happily ever after in their fates. I think we're going to have a Jiu’er/whatshisface situation on our hands.

Wendilynn: Don’t you dare infect the ethos with that thought. Lol Even though, as Grand Sorceress and as future Emperor, they can’t marry. Makes me sort of wonder why she’s trying to marry him now. Maybe get in a few happy months before she fades into the wind?

Aunnie: . . . . . We are all aware how I love angst, right? Here's what I want to happen: she marries him, and then tells him who she really is on their wedding day and it sends her into the black, he remembers EVERYTHING and goes through the anger of her making the decision to turn back the clock of time but eventually realizes he can't live without her and then Xi Xie--who you say is still alive--goes into the black to save her and then HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Ta-da. Today's angst is brought to you by Aunnie!

DeShonda: LOL I actually like that!

LLTe27  love you.png

Wendilynn: lol I love it. I would hope for less angst, but we’re only halfway and there is a lot of show left. I don’t fully buy that Zhen is going to stay a good guy now that he’s failed to win Qing Chen. I think he wants to outmaneuver Ling and gain control. How that will vie with Ming’s attempt to kill everyone to gain the throne should prove interesting.

Aunnie: GUUUURRRLLL, don't put THAT into the ethos. I want Zhan to stay good! I can't do the bad guy-turned good-turned bad guy again, you wanna talk about angst?!? It's bad enough that we have Ming who could be a good guy if he weren't so heartbroken! Gah! All these good looking men and angst and . . . .And angst, my heart can't take it. WHEN WILL IT END? (Shoves my melodramatic soul back into its genie lamp). I'm cool, we’re cool, we're all good.


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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The Black Sorceress has survived to live another day and Qing Chen and Ling are moving closer to each other.  I can't help but think all hell is about to break loose.  Tell us what you thought of these episodes below.

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