Hello and welcome to the Lost Love In Times Drama Club! We are off to an exciting start as our characters Feng Qing Chen and Prince Ling meet for the first time. As romance begins to blossom for the two, we also discover a secret that Prince Ling's father has been keeping, Prince Ling's brothers betray him, and Qing Chen must choose love or protecting The Mages. Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss these and other topics in Lost Love In Times! (Spoilers ahead!) 


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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Wendilynn: I have to say I was excited to start this particular show. I love this director and between  Love O2O and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms , I will now watch anything she directs knowing I’m in good hands. I was not disappointed.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth! I am so happy that the same director of Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms is also the director of this drama! This drama is off to an amazing start so far and I am very happy about that. As with any drama I watch, I have started to get attached to a few characters.

Wendilynn: Oh my yes. The first character I got attached to was also the first to die. I really like this world that has been built. I have to admit, I was tickled to see Zhang He. He’s been in Love O2O and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. In a funny bit of irony, he was the 9th disciple in Peach Blossoms and in this on he is the 9th Prince. I found that funny.

DeShonda: I really liked Mentor Xi Xie and I did not expect for him to succumb so soon! I must admit, he fought a damn good fight though! I really love all of the action/fight scenes in this drama. Another of my favorite characters is our lead Prince Ling. I like the fact that he knows what he wants, he doesn't beat around the bush at all. And when he stood up to his “father” I found him even more attractive. Something about a man that takes charge is a big plus in my book. I noticed that Zhane He as well and it is very ironic that he is the 9th Prince in this drama. Could it be luck perhaps?

Wendilynn: Our director clearly has some favorite actors she likes to use. This is not the first drama our leading lady  Cecilia Liu has been in with this director. I have to agree with you that the fight sequences have been really good so far. The use of magic and swords always has such a natural flow under her guidance. I never feel like it's out of place. She has such a natural way of filming these fantastical, over the top scenes that you just feel it all works.

DeShonda: I absolutely love Cecilia Liu. I think she is a good actress and she is beautiful in this drama as Qing Chen. I am quite surprised at how fast the plot moved so far. It’s similar to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms in that sense. But I know that the fast moving plot is a set up for the rest of the story to develop. I also really love the world that is created for this drama. The color palette and the realness of the set design is gorgeous and the lighting and camera angles (especially in the fight scenes) are spot on in my opinion.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, the color palette is amazing. That one scene with the fantasy trees? Oh geez, that was outstandingly beautiful. The costumes are also beautiful. These dramas always make me feel like we are so terribly gauche in how we dress after watching all these gorgeous people in flowing robes. *laughter*

DeShonda: OMG yes! The costumes are beautiful and very detailed. That’s one thing that always attracts me to Chinese Fantasy dramas. I absolutely loved the fantasy trees! That scene was beautiful indeed. So far I am enjoying the story as well. I have to admit, the evil “father” is getting on my nerves and so are Prince Ling’s brothers. Things are going to get complicated as the story between Prince Ling and Quing Chen develop, but I can understand her reasoning to not wanting to marry him. But deep down she does have feeling for Prince Ling. As I always say, The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. I just wonder how they are going to overcome this situation. I really like Prince Ling and Quing Chen together. How they found each other is true fate.

Wendilynn: Our Prince Ling really fell hard and fast in this story. She is going to be harder to convince simply because she’s got a lifetime of loyalty to the sorceresses. However, she was willing to go through those punishment levels so she could marry him. So, she clearly loves him as well. I’m curious about Prince Zhan though. I can’t tell if he also likes her or just wants her powers so he can claim the throne as well. I get that he collected the flowers so he could unlock her powers. How did he even know she was the Grand Sorceress and had her powers locked up in the first place?

DeShonda: Prince Zhan….What can I say about him. He’s someone that I am keeping my eye on. He’s definitely has something evil up his sleeve. I am trying to figure him out as well. I was thinking that he is jealous maybe of his brother perhaps. I have to agree with you, Prince Zhan is definitely after the throne. I think he might have some feelings for Quing Chen as well. I had the exact same question that you had. I’m not quite sure how Prince Zhan knew about Quing Chen and her powers. I’m hoping that within the next set of episodes this is revealed.

Wendilynn: I think we can safely assume that the black magic users who rebelled against our white magic users are working for Prince Zhan. So that means he may know what secrets they knew before they rebelled against Mentor Xi Xie. That makes him very dangerous. And with Prince Ling being headstrong to marry his love, that makes her a weakness that can be exploited. That should make these next episodes very interesting.

DeShonda: You are absolutely correct. These next set of episodes are going to be very interesting indeed. And I have to agree with you that Prince Zhan is dangerous. I am wondering what his backstory is. We have a long time to figure out how his character develops.


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