Qing Chen has successfully reset the timeline in order to save her lover Yuan Ling. The new timeline has given what the Sentinel has promised, friends are enemies and enemies just might become friends. Too bad this new timeline has even more intrigue and betrayal than the first one. Everyone is now on the chopping block, but this time, Qing Chen can’t tell anyone who she really is. Can our Grand Sorceress do anything to save those she cares about? Join Aunnie, DeShonda and me, Wendilynn as we discuss episodes 5-12 of Lost Love in Times.

Aunnie: I’m excited to be joining this Drama Club. It’s been awhile and it’s looking like this project is going to be quite the undertaking. Hit me with the Chinese Angst--no one does it like the Chinese!!!!

Wendilynn: Well, we certainly have the angst building with this new timeline. Finding out that Prince Zhan is neutral instead of completely evil was a surprise, but then you have the mother to deal with and she’s a piece of work all on her own. I cannot believe the stunts she’s pulled. Who will she not kill if she had no problem killing her own son?

LLT  ruthless.jpg

DeShonda: I was surprised as well that Prince Zhan was not that evil of a person before. But you are so correct Wendilynn, the mother is evil right down to the core. She really did her son and grandson dirty.

Aunnie: I have a bone to pick with almost everything you said, Wendilynn, so I’m going to pick one at a time---starting with the timeline. I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of time paradox, self-(can’t think of the phrase at the moment) prophecy going on. Like, the reason he was so evil in the first timeline was that she’d already gone back in time and messed things up. However, even if that isn’t the case, I’m grateful for this timeline because they took a much-needed step back into reality---as much as you can in a fantasy drama----and they’re taking their time to coax the coals of the events happening around our female lead.

Wendilynn: I’m not sure I buy the paradox that this is connected to the first timeline even if they went back a year. I think we are dealing with a fresh set of circumstances. Although this time, the King doesn’t seem to know, yet, that Prince Ling isn’t really his son and he’s still trying to lay claim to his brother’s wife’s affections.


DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Wendilynn. The King does not know about Prince Ling in this time set. I’m not sure if this is connected in any way as of yet.

Aunnie: Well, I like this new King, I certainly hope he doesn’t find out. That being said, let’s go to the next bone. I really, really, really like Prince Zhan. I love watching these two characters that were so emotional in the first timeline be so calm and collected in this one. It’s very refreshing.

Wendilynn: I’m also liking Prince Zhan in this new timeline. It doesn’t appear that he’s chosen a side yet. Although, his mother seems to make that necessary. I’m not sure I trust this though, he was the leader of the evil mages in the first time line and we know the evil mages are behind that evil organization selling girls and doing other generally bad stuff. So, is he still connected or not? And I also like his consort. I happen to like that actress, but I’m liking her character in general. She lends credit to the idea that in this new timeline, Prince Zhan is a good man.


DeShonda: The New Prince Zhan is alright with me as well. I really like your description of him being more neutral now. However, I was thinking that he can be connected due to his evilness. I love his consort as well! The actress that is playing her is definitely a favorite of mine as well.

Aunnie: As far as him becoming evil, I can see how easy his allegiance could change, he doesn’t seem to feel super attached to the Yin family line buuuut he’s super protective of his nephew (as he should be), I guess all it would take would or that little one to be kidnapped or kill--the Yin family wants the latter--and he’d turn on anyone real quick. Which brings me to the last of the bones I want to pick---that mother is a piece of sh----work. She’s insane. I couldn’t imagine killing my own child and attempting to kill my grandson all for a son who clearly wants nothing to do with politics!!!

Wendilynn: Don’t ask me, I don’t get it either. I am liking his relationship with our Grand Sorceress though. Qing Chen can’t tell anyone who she is, but she seems to be making friends and influencing people anyway.

DeShonda: I like his relationship with the Sorceress as well. I actually like the chemistry between them. She is indeed making friends easily and people seem to trust her. She needs to keep on being an influence.


Aunnie: Here’s hoping her interference at least eases the brotherly tension---however, it almost seems like he might be looking at her with that second-lead glint in her eye and I hope that’s not the case. Although I suspect her meddling is going to cause more issues down the line, she’s manipulating everyone that she can and we all know what happens to people who do that.

Wendilynn: Well, I do like how her relationship with Prince Ling and Zhan is going at a slower pace. Nobody seems to be falling in love at the drop off a cliff. Although, I have liked the chemistry of Qing Chen and Ling’s bonded blood. I’m sad that link has been broken now that she got the poison out of his system...Again. And the reason I’m sad is that we have the Princess from A Chai who seems to be a good person who could be a valid rival for Ling’s affections.

DeShonda: I think that’s why I like Qing Chen and Prince Zhan because he is taking his time. Although I do like that Prince Ling knows what he wants and he goes for it. He is very determined when it comes to love indeed. I like the A Chai Princess. She is indeed a good person.

LLT  love square.jpg

Aunnie: Don’t you dare say that, get that out of the cosmos!! *starts grabbing for Wendilynn’s words* Gah! Hahaha, but on a more serious note, I’m glad no one is falling quickly in love, the first timeline was hardly believable (t’was very Shakespearian) however, I’m glad to see the blood bond go--mostly because I’m hoping there’s a scene where she passes out from the poison and he’s just fraught with fear over her and---wait..my angsty side is showing again. *bottles it back up*

Wendilynn: Don’t worry, Aunnie, there is plenty of angst coming. We still have to see what Prince Zhan chooses to do. Does he join Prince Ling or does he choose his mother’s tribe?

Aunnie: I hope he joins Ling’s side in the end. He seems to be calculating and reasonable at the moment so I”m hoping this trend isn’t temporary. But we know how dangerous he can be if he decides to change sides. I just hope Ling knows this...

So do you think Zhan is friend or foe in this new timeline?  Tell us in the comments below. 


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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