New fantasy epic Lost Love in Times's popularity is fast rising in China and with the international viewers. Among the ensemble cast is a crop of handsome princes. The two main princes compete for the love of a beautiful sorceress and for ruling the great kingdom, but there are also other princes who have their own romances and intriguing subplots. Shall we get to know these royals better?

Emperor Yuan An of Western Wei is lucky to have these handsome sons who appear to have inherited their good looks from their beautiful mothers. On the other hand, the monarch is quite a calculating manipulator and is not above suspecting and scheming against his own sons to protect his throne.

The Fourth Prince and Seventh Prince are the leading characters in the fantasy epic, but let's just list these princes by their ranking order to keep it easy to remember.

Crown Prince Yuan Hao, played by Gao Yiqing

Well educated, kind, and reasonable, he is raised to be the one to inherit the kingdom, but he may not be destined to rue as emperor.

Third Prince, Yuan Ji, played by Ji Chen

Fourth Prince, Yuan Ling, played by William Chan

His mother, Consort Lian, is a great beauty who was forced to become the Emperor's concubine. Bold and decisive, he is praised as a "God of War" because of his success in leading the Black Armor Army. He is destined to be a great ruler as prophesied by the Mages, the sorcerer tribe that protects the kingdom. However, he falls in love with the sorceress (Cecilia Liu), and their union is forbidden by ancestral code.

Fifth Prince, Yuan Xi, played by Wang Ruolin (aka Rolling Wang) 

He and Seventh Prince have the same mother, Noble Consort Yin, who comes from the powerful Yin family whose members hold high positions in the court. The two brothers are influenced by their mother to aspire for power.

Seventh Prince, Yuan Zhan, played by Xu Hai Qiao

He and Fifth Prince have the same birth mother, but they have different personalities, interests, and goals. He excels in arts and music, and has a keen mind that is not unlike one possessed by a chess grand-master. His gentle manner belies a steely determination. He will compete with Fourth Prince in love and for the kingdom.

Ninth Prince, Yuan Ming, played by Zhang He

A handsome villain he is! 

Despite the ruthless character he plays, fans will always have a special place for the handsome actor who was also in the popular Love O2O and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Eleventh Prince, Yuan Che, played by Gong Jun

He is a loyal brother and friendly confidant to Fourth Prince Yuan Ling. Let's hope he'll have his own romance.

8. Twelfth Prince, Yuan Li, played by Xu Jiawei (aka Jovi for his singer name)

The youngest prince has a unique personality and grew up away from the palace. Is his lively demeanor a pretense for a hidden scheme? We'll find out later.

Lost Love in Times actually has many other hot actors beyond the charming princes. We'll leave them for another article for now.

By the way, do you notice a consistent theme in their costumes? it's the hallmark of an excellent artistic and costume design team for the drama series.

Meanwhile, have you checked out what's happening in the fantastic new romance drama?


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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Some viewers have commented, and I agree, that Fourth Prince Yuan Ling and Seventh Prince Yuan Zhan look alike. So here are the actors' photos from the 21st century for comparison. I believe it's deliberate that they look alike in the drama, as mentioned in the original novel, but I don't know how the likeness will play a role in the new drama.

In case you can't tell, it's William Chan on the left and Xu Hai Qiao on the right.

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