Prince Yuan Ling (William Chanin Lost Love in Times is getting married, but he doesn't know who the lucky bride will be. A fierce battle will determine the result and tensions are building among the competing beauties. What are the criteria in the fantasy world's beauty pageant to win the most eligible bachelor's hand? Who are the top three contestants? And, which one would you pick? 

<Spoilers Alerts> I've watched through episode 30.

Prince Yuan Ling is an invincible warrior and also a strong contender to succeed the throne. Although he deeply loves the sorceress Qing Chen (Cecilia Liu), his marriage must be approved by his father, the Emperor, who prefers Princess Duo Xia of the A-Chai state for a strategic alliance. He convinces his father to let him hold a competition to select the bride, believing that Qing Chen will win. 

So what will the contestants compete on? Embroidery, archery, and poise. Nothing difficult, right? 

Let's see which contestant wins your heart!

1. Princess Duo Xia (Huang Mengying) - This is one beautiful and smart princess who can definitely match a warrior prince in every way. Although she has openly expressed her admiration for Yuan Ling, she stays cool-headed in deciding how to pursue the marriage in order to secure safety for her kingdom. Are you with her? 

(Interestingly, Duo Xia is played by actress Huang Mengyi, who was the scheming concubine that every Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms fan hated.)

2. Qing Chen (Cecilia Liu) - She has Prince Yuan Ling's heart, but can she win the competition without using her magical powers? If she wins, will destiny interrupt their wedding again? If she loses, will she be able to mend her broken heart with Prince Yuan Zhan?

Let's not also forget that she was going to refrain from falling in love again with Yuan Ling. Why has she changed her mind?

(Why so many questions?)

3. Cai Qian (Xu Qianhan) - She is Prince Yuan Zhan's cousin from his maternal family. The pampered aristocratic beauty grew up with all the princes and has long admired Prince Yuang Ling. She is determined to win and hasn't noticed that Prince Yuan Che is the one who really loves her. 

Can she win despite her lower chances than the other two? You may be surprised.

It's going to be an exciting competition. The fantasy romance is full of unpredictable surprises, so don't be surprised if the result is not what you expected.

Let the match begin!

Who do you think will win? 


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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When will a princess get to choose a husband from an open competition? 

BTW, the exciting archery match in episode 29 cannot be missed!

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