Actor and 2AM member Im Seul Ong recently finished his role as one of the main characters in Fool's Love and has now chosen his next project. The popular web drama Love Cells is coming out with a sequel, and fans can look forward to seeing him play the male lead.

Im Seul Ong will be replacing Park Sun Ho as the male lead and will play a charming celebrity chef who is unlucky in love, while Kim Yoo Jung will reprise her role as Nebi the love cell. 

The chef claims he could find a date if he really wanted to, but Nebi knows there is more to his problem than that. She must help him get back his memories and find his missing puzzle pieces.

Love Cells 2 is still working on casting the other characters and then it can begin filming.

Are you excited to see the sequel to Love Cells? Re-watch the original web series below!