The delightful Taiwanese drama Love Cuisine, about high school and culinary romance, is enticing us with hilarious moments. How does the cute but clumsy Fang Xiao Rou (Allison Lin) catch the eye of a handsome master chef (Lego Lee), also known as Teacher Han?

1. Get fished up by him when you are dressed as a mermaid:

Fang Xiao Rou (Allison Lin) is a culinary teacher. She is so caring that she would dress as a mermaid (in order to masquerade as a bartender on a ship) to chase after a student to make sure he goes back to school. Coincidentally, Han Jie (Lego Lee) was fishing nearby.

2. Confess to him when you thought he was someone else:

Xiao Rou has had a long-time crush in another hunk, Wen Zhen Yu (Duncan Chow). Unfortunately, she confessed to the wrong guy because her invitation note was accidentally switched.  

3. Get drunk, fall on him, and have a secretly taken photo posted online:

The photo made it look like Xiao Rou was grabbing Han Jie's pants. They teamed up to go after the secret photographer, which led to a secret kiss in the closet and another photo getting posted.

4. Get hurt in an accident and have him "princess carry" you to the nurse's office:

She didn't cause the accident, but she got hurt anyway. What's a chivalrous chef to do?

5. Get rescued by him from drowning and receive a CPR kiss:

This is a recurring staple for Asian dramas, but we love it. There is a twist to this CPR kiss, however, so I'll only show the photo without giving the details away.

After all that hard work, is Han Jie really worth it? 

Well, check out why he is a master chef here as Xiao Rou fantasizes about him:

Oh my, those hands can do wonders!

Lego Lee and Allison Lin are both so cute that Taiwanese fans are saying they have a "matching husband and wife" look. 

Love Cuisine really should be more aptly named High School Love Cuisine because it combines romance in the fun high-school setting. There's romance in and off the classrooms because, aside from good-looking teachers, there are also adorable students with their own budding romances in the brew.

Are you watching Love Cuisine? Check it out now:

~ NancyZdramaland