badcouple_newsStarring Shin Eun Gyung (White Lies) and Ryu Soo Young of 2008's delightful Lawyers of Korea, Bad Couple is the third drama in SBS's "Bad" series, following Bad Housewife and Bad Family. Funny and refreshingly quirky in concept and execution, Bad Couple is about what happens when a woman who doesn't believe in marriage sets her sights on a man who doesn't believe in sex before marriage.

Kim Dang Ja (Shin Eun Gyung) is a successful thirty-something fashion editor with no desire for marriage after her father abandoned her and her mother. But just because she doesn't have a husband, Dang Ja decides that doesn't mean she can't have kids, so she sets out to look for a one night stand who can knock her up - preferably a man with good genes. Enter Choi Gi Chan (Ryu Soo Young), a university botany professor who fulfills all her requirements - good family, good looks, smart, successful, and single. He has the perfect DNA.

Dang Ja promptly sets out to seduce him, but what she doesn't count on is that conservative, honorable Gi Chan will decide that he needs to take responsibility for his actions...

Also known as Defective Couple.

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