As the premiere of Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner) draws closer, anticipation is at an all time high...especially now that the cast has shared what they will do if their ratings are high enough! Keep reading to see what the cast has promised! You won't want to miss this new romantic comedy! 

On the ever popular V App, Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) cast members Ji Chang WookNam Ji HyunChoi Tae Joon, and Hello Venus’s Nara held a live broadcast in order to communicate to fans about the things they promise to do if their ratings are high enough. 

As the cast shared their rating promises, we also got a glimpse of how great the group's chemistry is off set. If the V App session was any indication of what is to come you can bet that we will be in for quite a ride when the show airs on May 10th. 

The cast announced to all their fans that the number to hit will be 15%. However, when it came time to let us know what the incentives would be...things got a bit more interesting! As a way to shake things up, the cast took turns rolling a dice to determine how many words they could each use to state their promises. 

Going first Nara rolled a five, 

 “Will gift a coffee truck” 

Nara went onto explain that it's something she has always wanted to do and she plans to hand out coffee to people passing by at Myeongdong. 

Ji Chang Wook followed by rolling a three and then stated,

“We will go.” 

He did not go onto elaborate or explain, but Nam Ji Hyun quickly completed (after rolling a four) Ji Chang Wook’s promise stating, 

“Wherever you want us.” 

Finally, Choi Tae Joon rolled and got a one. After some time considering -- Choi Tae Joon seemed to be having trouble coming up with a one word promise - a staff member, who was on site, suggested, 


To which Choi Tae Joon wittily responded that if he danced it would cause harm. 

As a way to sum up all the rating promises, Ji Chang Wook concluded by saying, 

“If our ratings pass 15 percent, we will go wherever you want us. We will give you coffee, we will dance for you, and we can give speeches.”

Honestly, these promises would be just a bonus as anticipation continues to build and the 10th cannot get here fast enough, but they sure do sweeten the pot!

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)? Which of the rating promises do you want to see happen the most? Let us know below!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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