Well fellow partners (and prosecutors) in love--it looks like we’re off to a rough start with this one! Right off the bat, our leading lady Eun Bong Hee has found herself in hot water. It appears to all, including the delightfully handsome yet tough as nails prosecutor, No Ji Wook, that she killed her cheating boyfriend. What’s a girl to do? Join Marakeshsparrow, DeShonda, and Tori as we discuss the first week of Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner)!


Marakeshsparrow: I have to say, I’m intrigued by this. I wasn’t sure if I would be that interested from the first episode. I’ve seen the whole “mistaken subway pervert” trope before and honestly was not that impressed with Bong Hee and Ji Wook’s meet cute. BUT, the fact that suddenly Bong Hee is thrust into such an intense situation, that she’s suddenly the suspect in a murder? That got ALLLLLL my attention and now I’m chomping at the bit the see what happens next. What did you ladies think of the first couple episodes and the intro to Bong Hee and Ji Wook’s relationship?

OhSoEnthusiastic: I decided to give this drama a shot on a bit of a whim without any real expectations, but I’m really digging the characters and story. I actually really like how the leads met, even though it is kind of a common Asian drama introduction. I think it was really well done here. I was not expecting her to become a murder suspect. That came totally out of left field for me, but in a really good way. I think it helped lay a lot of the groundwork for their future relationship.

DeShonda: Like both of you, I did not expect Bong Hee to be a murder suspect at all! That got my attention as well Marakeshsparrow. I really like the lead characters so far. I look forward to seeing them interact in this series. They both are going to need each other more than they think.

Marakeshsparrow: The fact that she is the defendant and he is the prosecutor on her case sure makes for an interesting dynamic between the two. At first, I thought the main twist was going to be that she (of course) was assigned to Ji Wook’s office. And oh! Did they sleep together? Did they not? Those were the main concerns and I was concerned that this would turn out to be a fairly stale workplace romantic comedy. But stumbling upon her murdered boyfriend sure was an exciting twist! (Also--did anyone else recognize her boyfriend as Chansung from 2PM?) What do you all think about the murder she possibly witnessed? Somehow this is connected to the murder the actual subway pervert witnessed too. I wonder what’s going on there...

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think her being a murder suspect was a really fabulous twist, because you don’t see it coming at all. You do get this feeling that this is going to be a workplace rom com, but then wham! She’s suddenly a murder suspect. It’s definitely not something you see happen in dramas super often. The amnesiatic murderer is a really interesting, and unusual, idea too. This is the first time I’m happy to see amnesia in a story. Because it’s not someone getting amnesia then forgetting they love someone else. Yeah, it breaks the rules of real life amnesia, but I don’t really care as long as it’s doesn’t break the rules of the drama itself. (I have never been actually been a huge 2PM fan, so I had no idea he was from that group.)

DeShonda: I thought that was going to be the same plot twist as well Marakeshsparrow. I am wondering if they did in fact sleep together. That burning question will be on my mind throughout this series, along with other questions. But I have a feeling that they did not sleep together, I know that both of them had very awful previous relationships, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I think that Ji Wook was a gentleman and helped out the drunken Bong Hee. When the ex boyfriend was murdered that’s when the plot got even more interesting for me. I wonder who killed him and why he was killed. And as mentioned, are the two murders connected somehow. Marakeshsparrow, I totally noticed that Changsung from 2PM as the boyfriend! I must admit, I fangirled when I noticed him!

Marakeshsparrow: So Actual Subway Pervert saw the murderer doing something (disposing of a body?) on the roof, and then presumably the murderer forgot what he was doing and came back to dispose of /another/ body? Then Bong Hee saw him? Though she doesn’t realize she saw him… We’ve already got a pretty ridiculous web being woven right from the start. So anyhoo--let’s talk about the characters for a moment. We have Bong Hee, who--let’s be real--is pretty ridiculous. I’m not very familiar with this actress--is she fairly new on the scene? I feel like she’s been doing a parody of a “quirky female lead” this whole time, so hopefully she finds her footing. As for Ji Wook, played by my lovely Ji Chang Wook--I think he’s a really fascinating character. He’s so no-nonsense, and YET, he let himself get involved in Bong Hee’s relationship drama. He played along as her lover to help her save face. His own relationship trauma really did a number on him, but I haven’t quite figured him out yet. What do you all think?

OhSoEnthusiastic: I can tell the murderer aspect of the drama is going to be pretty complicated, although hopefully in an intriguing way. And I’m pretty excited for it, to be honest. As for Bong Hee, I adore her. I like quirky female lead’s, and I like sweet and genuine female lead’s, and she is both. The actress is actually from Shopping King Louie, which is a super cute drama, and I really liked her character there as well. I think her acting style might just be personal preference? Cause like I said, I’m really enjoying her character and performance. And I’m definitely a fan of Ji Wook/Ji Chang Wook. I like the complexity to Ji Wook’s character and that he’s not really a jerk. He’s just….a difficult person in some ways? But there’s clearly goodness in him.

DeShonda: Nam Ji Hyun who plays Bong Hee is is pretty new in the acting world. She was in the recent drama Shopping King Louis which is where I know her from. You gave a pretty good description of her so far Marakeshsparrow as being ridiculous so far. I find her quirky and funny as well and that’s what I like about her. Plus she can kick some serious ass! She is a Taekwondo champion who is not afraid to use her skills if need be. She has a ferocious kick and I feel sorry for the person who is on the other side of that. I look forward to seeing how her character develops throughout this series. I have a feeling that she will grow up in a sense as we watch further episodes. What can I say about the ever so handsome Ji Chang Wook who plays Ji Wook, I really like him so far. I was concerned when he purposely got involved in the relationship between Bong Hee and her ex boyfriend. I thought to myself, this is not going to go well, but he actually helped her out in that situation. I am wondering more about him though. And I look forward to seeing how is character develops as well.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m really looking forward to when Ji Wook begins to soften towards Bong Hee. I can see it’s happening already, but I think she could be just the person to melt his icy exterior. And what’s really got me hooked is wanting to know how this murder element all plays out. I feel like we’ve just barely scraped the tip of the iceberg though, so we’ll just have to wait patiently to discover more.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Part of me really wants to see a slightly campy murderer. Not in an obnoxious/annoying way where it’s totally unbelievable and stupid. But in a fun way, I guess? I don’t know. I can just see this murderer going that direction, and it being really fun. Of course, I still want the murderer to be scary at the same time. I like the intrigue and creepiness the drama has set up around that part of the drama, and I want them to keep that going with it. And yeah, I’m totally excited to see Ji Wook let some of those walls down so Bong Hee can find a spot to break in. I already love the two of them together.

DeShonda: I think that Ji Wook will come around and begin to like Bong Hee more. I am interested in the murder element as well. I agree with you OhSoEnthusiastic, I like the way this drama is going with the murderer as well and I hope they keep going with it. It makes the series more interesting.

Marakeshsparrow: Hmmmmm… creepy and campy. A tall order! But if this drama can find a way to balance it, I think we’ll be in for an amazing ride. Buckle your seat belts! Hahahaha

OhSoEnthusiastic: How did you guys feel about the trial and the whole lead up to it? It was frustrating watching Ji Wook be so unfair and unfeeling at times towards Bong Hee, but it didn’t actually make me angry with him for some reason. I feel like they set his character up pretty well so it made sense for him to act that way. And then they tempered those moments with moments of genuine connection and concern. I was straight up piiiiiiiissed when the reporters pulled off Bong Hee’s glasses and mask though. Thought I might have to jump into my computer and crack some skulls.

DeShonda: The trial and the lead up had me wondering who this killer is and why did he or she kill Bong Hee’s ex boyfriend. I was scared for Bong Hee as she entered her apartment only to find her ex boyfriend dead in a pool of blood. We know she clearly is innocent even though she wished death of her ex boyfriend. We all say things we don’t mean, but as the saying goes, “Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It.” At the trial I was concerned that Ji Wook wouldn’t help her by proving her innocent. He had found evidence in the apartment that proved her so. At first I thought he was not going to help her out at all, but I was glad he came around. Now who I do like is Bong Hee’s lawyer. He was really trying to help Bong Hee out. I did not like the way the reporters were treating Bong Hee either. I thought that was uncalled for too.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ya know, I hadn’t actually thought about it, but why did he kill her ex boyfriend when he very easily could have killed her instead? If I had just been witnessed committing a murder, I probably would have killed the witness to keep them silent. But this isn’t your average murderer, so they’re motivation probably isn’t going to be average either. The whole glaring daggers and singing a song about killing someone bit was so funny to me and so obviously not backed up by any legitimately murderous intentions. I liked seeing that turned against the new girlfriend. (who was clearly the same woman Bong Hee saw him leaving the hotel with.) She’s sitting there all smug like ‘You’re gonna get it now.’ Then wham! Reality smacks her in the face. It was a very rewarding moment, lol. I was actually all sure that Ji Wook was gonna discover that they knives didn’t both have the victim’s blood on them, which made the trial a little bit tense for me. I was like ‘How are they gonna prove her innocence now?’ But thankfully, his suspicions were right on the money. And Bong Hee’s lawyer is literally the cutest. I can’t wait for the inevitable bromance between him and Ji Wook, even though there is clearly some bad history between them. My guess is he’s the one Ji Wook’s girlfriend cheated on him with, which is going to be a pretty big roadblock on their way to said bromance.

DeShonda: I must admit, the glaring daggers that you mentioned between Bong Hee and the New Girlfriend were funny. If looks could kill I think the New Girlfriend would be dead in a heartbeat. I am looking forward to seeing how Bong Hee’s lawyer and Ji Wook interact with each other as well. As you mentioned, they have some history between them and I am wondering what that is. I have my prediction on what it might be, but I don’t want to jump the gun to quickly. I think that Bong Hee’s lawyer and Je Wook’s ex girlfriend may have hooked up. Now I could be wrong about this prediction but we will have to see how this plays out as we watch more of this series. I have feeling that things might get complicated if Bong Hee’s lawyer starts to fall for her, which could happen. He is very attractive and I have a feeling that Ji Wook is going to have feelings for Bong Hee later on as well. This could get really messy.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yeah, if my suspicions are correct, the love triangle is going to have some….interesting dynamics, to say the least. It would be clever writing if the two of them found themselves in a reverse situation where Mr. lawyer is the one who likes the girl first and Ji Wook is the one who kind of steps in the middle of that relationship. But that’s all just speculation and what I would do if I were the writer, lol. Hopefully, it will all be done in a way that is lighthearted and funny while still being honest and heartfelt. I definitely don’t want the romance to go really melo, since one half of this drama is already meant to be pretty dramatic. Keeping the romance on the lighter side would be best, in my opinion.

DeShonda: I actually like your prediction as well. Now that would make for a very interesting story. I agree in that I hope the writers keep the romance light in this series. I have a feeling that the writers are going to focus on the murder more. And rightfully so, because I have more questions than answers about that entire situation.

OhSoEnthusiastic: If they go the direction I’m hoping they go in, it would actually really open up the possibility of reconciliation between Ji Wook and Mr. lawyer. And I dearly want them to make up with each other. They’re too cute as potential friends.

And there we have it. One week down. Nine more to go. What sorts of twists and turns lie ahead? There’s only one way to find out! Tune in next week for more Love In Trouble and then join us for another Drama Club!


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