This past week’s episodes were chock full of more thrills, frustrations and pulled heartstrings--just what we’ve come to expect from the roller coaster ride Love in Trouble. No matter how things seemed to be looking up for our two leads’ romance, it seems like there is constantly a shadow hanging over their heads. With ominous premonitions of the future and the apparent murder of one of our favorite lawyers, things are looking pretty bleak. Join OhSoEnthusiastic, DeShonda, and me, Marakeshsparrow, as we look back on the intense episodes 21-24 of Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner).


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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Marakeshsparrow: Wow. So much happened in these last episodes. OhSoEnthusiastic, I know I wasn’t around to chime in last week, but I agree with what you said then--it seems like the writers are really stuffing as many storylines into this single plot as they possibly can. I mean, I will say, it all keeps me entertained and on my toes, but I have to say, I’m starting to worry that they won’t be able to juggle everything throughout the rest of the drama. Where do we even begin? Maybe with how it seems that Bong Hee’s father was falsely accused of the crime of killing Ji Wook’s father and mother? That’s where this seems to be going right? I mean that’s a pretty big deal--there are some dramas that would solely be based around that single plot point. What do ya’ll think of how that part of the story seems to be heading?

DeShonda: I have to agree with you. It seems to me like that’s where the plot is going with Bong Hee’s father being falsely accused of the crime of Ji Wook’s parents. I thought that her father had something to do with the murder but I did not want to jump to any conclusions so fast. If that is the case, I wonder how Ji Wook will react when he finds out that information. He is really smitten with Bong Hee as of right now and I really like to see them together.

Marakeshsparrow: Uhhhgg, I knowwww! They are super cute together. That’s one of the major developments of these episodes. Bong Hee and Ji Wook are finally together! Hooray! //ship sails// But before we get to that, I have to bring up another major plot point that relates to the finally clear sailing for our OTP. When Bong Hee discovered that Hyun Soo is the killer she’s been looking for this whole time it was both terrifying, satisfying and frustrating all at once. Firstly, I think she played that moment of realization so well and I was so happy to see her finally breaking past her naivete and using her brain. But then she had to go and push Ji Wook away. That frustrated me. He would have been the first person I wanted to tell, guilt or no.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Girl, I am With you. What was the purpose of pushing him away? Why did she have to go all Noble Idiot? We don’t like it in our male characters. We certainly aren’t going to like it in our female characters. I’m not really sure what to do with Bong Hee’s father being potentially tied to the death of Ji Wook’s parents. It seems like such an...odd writing choice to me. Not to mention we’ve seen something similar in dramas a bajillion times before. Maybe we’ll find out he was actually a good guy as well? That’s what I want to happen anyway.

DeShonda: And that’s why I was kind of skeptical of jumping into conclusions about the murder of Ji Wook’s parents. Bong Hee’s father could very well be a good person who was trying to help in some way. That’s something that will come out in future episodes. I was very scared and happy that Bong Hee finally put the pieces together and figured out that Hyun Soo is the murderer. But just as you ladies, I can’t understand why she would push Ji Wook off to the side.

Marakeshsparrow: It just feels like a lot going on. They could have simplified things with fewer side plots. Because can we also take a moment to talk about the guy who could see the future? That was kind of interesting, but then we have the ominous “Two people in this room will die soon” line and I was kind of rolling my eyes. Though I like that because of that Ji Wook was finally done with putting up with Bong Hee’s noble idiot malarkey and realized that they may not have much time together. Still though--I’m hanging on, still on board with drama at this point, but it is dangerously close to getting messy.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I really liked that guy and his case, and I was kind of close to tears when he died, but he makes no sense in this drama’s universe. If this were a place where magic and superpowers, etc. could exist, and the writers had set that up, then I think he would have fit into the story nicely. But he comes out of nowhere with these psychic abilities, and you’re kind of left scratching your head. I won’t lie though. I would straight up watch a show with him as the main character. His brain is fascinating to me, lol. Like you, Marakesh, I’m still on board for this drama, but I am kind of questioning things. There are too many plot elements that don’t line up with each other. I’m not on the verge of quitting the drama, because I like the leads enough to stay, but yeah. I think the story is about to get really messy.

DeShonda: I liked the guy who could see the future and his story as well. When he said that two people would die in the room, I believed him without a doubt. What I didn’t expect is for one of those people to be him. That was really sad when he died. And it looks like Officer Bang may be the next one to pass away. Which I hope is not the case because I like his character, even though he did not listen to Ji Wook when he told him to stop investigating Hyun Soo. I assume that Hyun Soo attacked the Chief although I could not tell. I can understand the frustrations about there being too many plots going on here. For me, It’s keeping me interested and wondering what is going to happen next. I’m not usually one not to give up on dramas, but I think that all these plots have to tie in somehow.

Marakeshsparrow: I’ve mostly been interested in the main murder plot and how it seems to be unfolding (though also commenting on last week’s drama club--I have absolutely no idea where the amnesia is supposed to come in and am kind of wondering if they just got the description wrong) But what does seem to be happening is that Hyun Soo is picking people off one by one because of something they did wrong to a girl he once loved. It’s like her death drove him mad or something and now aside from the main players he’s seeking revenge upon, he seems to strike out at any man who abuses a woman. Very, very interesting. Though the irony is Hyun Soo doesn’t seem to realize that he’s abusing a woman by terrorizing Bong Hee. Or maybe he just doesn’t care when it comes to her since she “witnessed” one of his murders?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Missing amnesia aside (I STILL WANT THAT AMNESIA, DRAMA!), I think Hyun Soo is actually a really fascinating villain. We don’t really know yet just /what/ it is that is driving him to murder these people, but it’s clearly an act of revenge, and I really want to know what exactly happened to make him this way. Right now, I’m getting the vibe that it was a sister or just a close female friend by the way he has talked about ‘it’, whatever it is, but that could be wrong, and it really was a girl he was in love with. Who knows at this point. But as you pointed out, Marakesh, he’s actually pretty hypocritical. He wants revenge for women who are abused, but he’s effectively terrorizing Bong Hee, and now appears to have potentially murderous intent against her. Maybe he’s not really trying to defend women who are being abused/mistreated, but is just treating them all as surrogates for the mysterious woman he couldn’t protect?

Marakeshsparrow: I have to bring up one more memorable moment from the last episode--where Bong Hee whipped that guys butt when he tried to come after her friend. She was so bad-ass! I’m glad to see that she’s not a wilting flower (I was kind of starting to forget) and that she’s living up to her black belt status! #GirlPower

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes this week. I really love seeing that side of Bong Hee! I almost forgot that she had the martial arts background because she doesn't use it often. But when she does use it, look out, because her kick is fierce!

OhSoEnthusiasitc: I hadn’t really been thinking about it, Marakesh, but I have been feeling a little let down by Bong Hee lately. She’s really been a bit of a wilting flower during this middle stretch of the drama, which is frustrating to see. And it’s not even wilting flower characters that bother me. It’s inconsistent characters. Characters that start one way and slowly shift in a different direction, but not in a way that is natural or believable or interesting. Unfortunately, she’s begun to fall into that inconsistent character territory for me. Hopefully, the drama won’t let her fall off completely.

Marakeshsparrow: My thoughts exactly, OhSoEnthusiastic. I'm wondering if even the writers were like "Oh YEAH, Bong Hee is a black belt. Maybe we should show more of that" haha! But yeah, I'd like to see more of Bong Hee taking care of business mainly because we don't get a lot of badass chickas in dramas and we need more!

So there you have it! Another week gone, and new episodes right around the corner. What did you all think of last week's episodes, 21-24? Were you getting whiplash as intensely as we were? What are your thoughts on the multiple, complicated plot lines? Do you think the drama is starting to go off the rails or do you have faith that the writers will wrap up everything in a nice bow? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you join us next week for another Love in Trouble Drama Club!

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